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The Lounge At Odeon

Venue says: "Visit The Lounge at Odeon Whiteleys and enjoy fine food and film in the most exclusive and luxurious of settings."

A new concept of 'in-cinema dining' at the  Odeon cinema in the Whiteleys shopping centre. A 'finger, fork and spoon' menu designed by Le Café Anglais chef Rowley Leigh features dishes such as salsify fritters with aioli, venison chilli and passion fruit cheesecake, and can be ordered from your cinema seat at any point during the film screening. Odeon promises food will be placed on 'sound proof tables' to ensure minimal disruption to other viewers.

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The Lounge At Odeon says
Visit The Lounge at Odeon Whiteleys and enjoy fine food and film in the most luxurious of settings. It combines an exclusive bar area serving food and drinks and small, intimate screens where you can order food delivered straight to your seat.
Your personal experience begins as you walk through the door and enter our luxury bar area. You can choose to eat there or in the screen. Your food will then be discreetly delivered to your seat whenever you'd like it, whether that's during the trailers or half way through the film. Of course if you need a top up the waiters are on call throughout the film and will be more than happy to oblige, just press the button on your armrest and they will be there to look after your needs
With no more than 50 seats, each reclining at the touch of a button and has double the leg room of a normal cinema seat, the screens offer an intimate atmosphere. Every screen is equipped with the highest quality state of the art sound and projection offering you the best possible film viewing experience.
Each screen is designed so that it has the optimum space and lighting to ensure that our highly trained waiters can deliver your food discreetly to your seat side table with minimal interruption to the film. Each table has an innovative layer of sound proof material so that minimal noise is made when your food is delivered. Every detail has been carefully considered; even the waiters' uniforms and the plates are black to minimise the distraction from your film.
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Venue name: The Lounge At Odeon
Address: Whiteleys Shopping Centre
W2 4YN
Cross street: Queensway
Transport: Tube: Bayswater or Queensway tube
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Stephen D

Really pleased with my recent trip to The Lounge, seats were awesome and food was good. All round a good night out and would go back again next year.

Emma L

I really enjoyed the Odeon Lounge experience. The food was great, it was presented well and everything was delicious!  A great evening!  Will definitely go back!

Kate ormston

This cinema experience is definitely not worth the money. On arrival the bar is pretty slick, the seats are large and comfy and I felt really pleased that I had given it a try... Then the food came. They claim to have a great chef who has created this "foodie" menu. I don't know how any chef worth his salt could let food like that leave the kitchen. It wasn't fit for McDonalds let alone a place that is charging £13 for the driest bun a hot dog has ever seen with the most minimal scoop of chilli con carne on top. £13 for a sushi platter again disappointed with a unbelievably small portion. I was wondering if they were actually having a laugh at our expense. The "fillet" beef sliders, obviously from the same dry bun company that the hot dog came from, they were the size of canapés priced at £15. A few other disappointments later and the bill came to a shocking £95!!! We hadn't eaten before we came and were still starving. I left with a sick feeling of having just flushed a total of £140 down the toilet. my advice would be eat before and got to enjoy the seats.