The Salt Point Bar

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Venue name: The Salt Point Bar
Address: 2 Exchange Square
Price: £25 and under
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I came here on a first date with no real expectations. It's in a good city location, some good bars surrounding, so I thought it was a good shout. It turns out that it wasn't. A mouse came from nowhere and jumped into the bag of my date. The whole experience was completely surreal. I had imagined something like ths would make for the beginning of an epic love story, but it wasn't so. She barely touched the Chateaubriand (£65). The Manager was 'generous' enough to comp our desserts which we of course declined to have. He did give us some 20% off the meal which left me with a tidy £100+ bill despite my ownly having the chicken and a beer. Anyone else would have been too embarassed to take payment for any part of it. Unfortunately when a mouse attacks you and your date and leaves your date in tears, it's difficult for any part of the night to be salvaged. I had out one star ratings in the same manner that I hand out five star ratings; with a heavy heart.