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Even with eight million people to choose from, dating in London has never been simple. Setting aside the small matter of finding someone willing to spend an evening in your company, you've also got to sort out somewhere to meet your date, some kind of mentally stimulating activity and, of course, a romantic place to eat.

But don't panic. These days, the variety of weird and wonderful dating events in London (done speed dating? Try silent dating) is mind-boggling, and there are enough intimate pubs and restaurants to keep even the most prolific player busy. Go forth and mingle, people.

Great date restaurants

If you want the evening to result in a great meal rather than a marriage proposal, look no further

Romantic restaurants

Turn up the heat and treat your date to a meal at one of London's most intimate eateries

London's top 50 restaurants

Let the food do the talking and take your date to one the capital's hottest restaurants right now

Dining on a budget?

Dating can be an expensive game – drinks, dinner and days out can really dent the wallet. Check out cheaper eating options here

See more of London's best restaurants

Great places for a first meet

Cosy pubs

A little bit of liquor is guaranteed to loosen you up on a first date

Trendy bars

Get to know your companion whilst sipping on some of London's tastiest tipples

Buzzing coffee shops

Spend hours chatting over a coffee or two, or simply get yours to go...

Date-friendly events and activities

We asked Londoners to tell us all about their sex lives: the good, the bad and so-ugly-they-left-with-a-fake-name. Ten thousand of you shared your most intimate secrets with us, and now we're going to blab about them to everybody else. Read on for six surprising stats, and then find out how much sex Londoners are really having, peruse our London sex map, cringe at the city's most embarrassing stories, and find out where men and women really differ.

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Maria Letícia
Maria Letícia

Thanks, now I know where I can go on my first date with Harry Styles. xoxo

Louise Jourdier
Louise Jourdier

Fab article… You could also look at if you need any further ideas, it's a website all about where to go on a date in London!


i usualy date in the clbs :-/

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