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A treat for your feet: Happy Socks comes to London

As Sweden’s premier purveyor of affordable footwear opens its first London store, creative director Viktor Tell explains why your feet should always stand out

The right socks can supercharge your sex life

Our bright footwear are the only socks you can get away with keeping on in bed. That’s a fact: we made the ultimate sacrifice and rigorously tested the theory – grey socks = instant shutdown. Paisley Happy Socks = lockdown!

Every woman secretly judges a man by his socks

Ever seen a woman’s eyes stray downwards when she looks at you? You might think she’s eyeing up your shoes, but it’s your socks that are under scrutiny, so dress to impress from the ankles up! If she sees a pair of brown marl ribbed nylon atrocities, she’s not going to look twice.

Socks are fashion dynamite

Not everyone knows how to put together a good outfit. But you can all pull a pair of socks out of the drawer, check that they match, and put them on. Instant sartorial flair. Easy.

Socks can save your sanity

The tube is a hothouse of misery and loathing. But before you give into the dark forces of madness, simply pull up your trouser leg and flash a bit of ankle and put a smile of the face of your fellow commuter, resulting in psychological relief all around. Novelty socks also make sorting the laundry more fun.

Socks will make your popular

It’s truly amazing what a difference a spotty sock has on your social life. The same applies to stripes. I used to be a reasonably lonely Scandinavian man but since I have been wearing bright socks I am extremely popular with strangers and I have 25 percent more friends.


Happy Socks opens Fri Nov 1. 20 Foubert’s Place, W1F 7PL. www.happysocks.com

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Cave Of Plunder
Cave Of Plunder

Hi guys, This is the Cave Of Plunder..... Thanks for the feature.....We would love to invite you back for a better insight into who we are and what we do and also to let you sample our already legendary milkshakes, they are local celebrities.... Lots happening in the Cave right now and we feel your readers will love what we do.... From gifts, fancy dress, to treats, sweets and shakes, whether on line or in store... Thanks again Cave Of Plunder Team

Peter Khan
Peter Khan

I have to say, I moved to Hackney a few years ago and the Cave Of Plunder has not only lit up the entire street, it also makes the best chocolate bar milkshakes in town and everything they sell is halal, from retro sweets to sandwiches. This is the most family friendly gift and fancy dress store and milkshake place I have ever seen. I think ever! Very culturally considerate and family friendly AND they sell Nude Espresso coffee on comfy sofas. What more could I ask for? It even has a man made cave inside. Good to see such things now happening here.