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    Article 96 Kingsland Rd
    E2 8DP

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    020 7739 6751

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    Open 11am-7pm Tue-Sat; noon- 6.30pm Sun.

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    Tube: Haggerston Overground

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    1. Article

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raj k

I bought a sweater from here which subsequently turned out to be defective as the print had developed a weird faded striation after one wear. I was told that despite it being defective a manager would have to see it before anything could be done about it, but that the same sweater would be reserved in a size small incase an exchange was approved. I left the sweater and my contact details and waited for someone to be in touch. No one called. After chasing it up, the manager then reluctantly told me that before he could exchange it, he would have to take a picture of the defect and send it to the brand managers and take it from there. He promised to be in touch before Easter (Friday). Again, no contact. I have finally heard from the store who have now told me to come in and collect my replacement. To my surprise, they are now claiming that I had requested a medium size to be put on hold (despite telling them on 3 different occasions that I want a small, and them confirming that one had been put aside for me), there are no smalls left so all they can offer is an exchange for a different product.

This has been one of the worst retail customer service experiences I've had to date. The fact that is has taken nearly 2 weeks to resolve an issue with their defective product, to then be told a bold faced lie that I apparently asked for a medium when they clearly confirmed on 3 different occasions that they would hold a small is just frustrating and insulting.

I will never shop here again.


I ordered a jacket for home delivery from the online store for this shop, I tried it on at home and it wasn't a good fit so i put it straight back in the bag and took it back to the store for a refund. They took the item in and I asked if they need to give me a receipt to indicate i've returned the item and it had been checked. They said no so i said great and left the shop. 3 days later i get a very brief message asking me to collect the item as it is not refundable due to a 3 or 4 small specs of dirt on the coat, deeming the coat unsaleable. I responded to their email in-depth explaining that i had not worn the coat outside and that it was checked by me thoroughly before returning the coat and had no dirt on it. The store manager and owner responded to my thorough email with a one line informal email repeating that the coat had dirt on it so could not be sold. I went in to the store to speak to him in person. Unfortunately, the store owner was in no way willing to listen to my complaint as a customer, I explained the situation from my point of view - I've returned the coat in mint condition and asked 3 days later to come in a pick up a dirty coat. He said on a number of occasions that "the decision had already been made". What a shame, they do have some nice items, but if they can't get the customer service right, then i can't shop there again. Just hope that you have nothing go wrong with your order and I suggest if you return an item, return it in store and ask them to sign a note detailing the return (like i should have). I am now the not-so-proud owner of one, dirty, ill-fitting coat!