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There’s really only one way to shop for bridalwear in London: book an appointment at a boutique, arrive with your mum and, using hushed tones, try on a series of lace-adorned frocks until you settle on one that costs roughly the same as a small car. Well, now there’s another way: David’s Bridal.

The occasionwear superstore has just arrived from the US to occupy a massive, two-floor shop in Westfield Stratford – and it’s all about fun. You can turn up with a posse of pals and try on bridesmaid dresses, look at mother-of-the bride outfits, pick up children’s tutus and top up on tiaras, underwear, shoes, sashes, veils and more – and you won’t feel priced out.

This is a shop that forgoes inordinately expensive silk in favour of high-tech polyester which looks and feels (almost) as good as the natural thing. Among the hundreds of gowns, there’s a dress for every shape and every style – and if you don’t believe it, you can book an appointment with one of the intensively-trained staff who can walk you around with an iPad and show you which style suits your figure, wedding theme and budget.

If a wedding isn’t on the cards, the staff are nonplussed: they actually welcome those hankering after a bridal try-on session (even if there's no ring on it) as their philosophy is you'll get hitched eventually, and when you do, David's Bridal will be your first port of call.

Too desperate? Then just stick to the ground floor where you’ll find a sea party dresses. The range runs from a ruffled purple mini to a sophisticated silver cocktail gown (in sizes from a UK 4 to a UK 30), though prices stay around the £100 mark. Like the bridalwear, the party dresses feature the work of guest designers including the ever-popular White collection by Vera Wang. And in a nutshell: bagging a Vera Wang without having to remortgage your house is what David’s Bridal is all about.

Venue name: David's Bridal
Address: The Street
Westfield Stratford City
E20 1EN
Transport: Tube: Stratford
Price: Mon-Fri 10am-9pm; Sat 9am-9pm; Sun noon-6pm

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Katherine L

They completely ruined my wedding dress 3 weeks before my wedding. The picture shows the neckline - the whole dress looks like it was butchered by a blind person! To top this off, they were rude and offered no apology or an acceptable solution or compensation. Only offered to 'fix' the dress, which cannot be fixed without making the cleavage bigger, which obviously I don't want. I now have to find a new dress somewhere else with 2 weeks to go and lost the £700 I paid for the dress and for the alteration. No one should ever have to go through this. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. AVOID.

Kirsty P

I've got mixed feelings about the store.

My initial appointment (nov 2014) I couldn't fault, as it was a Friday morning it was quieter than it would be on an evening or a weekend so it was just me and my mum along with another bride so we had a lot of mirrors available to us. Toma our assistant was very helpful and we were in there for at least 1 1/2 hours and I tried on at least 5 dresses some twice ( I had a note of the ones I liked from their online look book so it meant they could check if it was in store for me to try). Toma made suggestions in regards to adding coloured sash or a particular type of veil. I was under no pressure to buy on the day, they were happy for my mum to take lots of pictures and we made an appointment for February (2015).

My 2nd appointment I made for a Saturday so it was a lot busier in the bridal area (not helped by having to share a mirror area with another large bridal partner) my assistant didn't appear quite as good as my initial one, as in she seemed more keen for me to pick new dresses rather than the two I had narrowed it down to at the previous appointment and was putting me in a size 16 petticoat, smaller underwear and flat closed shoes even though I had pointed out that on my previous visit I had been wearing the size 14 and open toes low heals (thankfully my mum was able to find the same shoes I had previously tried on, in the sale area downstairs so I got them at a bargain £15 rather than £85) I had decided on the dress, petticoat, veil and shoes. However when paying for them I had commented that I would prefer the size 14 petticoat to be told I'd be better with the 16. When asked if it was too big when it arrived could I exchange it for a 14 I was told that they would just alter the petticoat. When asked for the cost or price list of alterations I was told that they didn't have one and would have to make an appointment with the seamstress when the dress arrived.

After my 2nd appointment I had also arranged an appointment for my bridesmaids to try dresses, the appointment was running late and was in the smaller changing room area on the ground floor so there wasn't much space to wait and was very busy with our assistant working between us and another wedding party, so it ended up with me going to find dresses for my bridesmaids to try on and helping them in and out them. Whilst there was a wide selection of dresses there wasn't a wide selection of sizes so there was only a few dresses that my bridesmaids could both try on.

We were told that my dress would take 8 weeks and my maids would be 20 weeks which was fine as my dress was going to get altered in Scotland and my maids are planning on getting them priced and altered by David's bridal.

6 weeks on I got an email to say my order was ready and needed to be collected within 2 weeks or delivery within the EU could be arranged. I replied twice via email, asking for it to be sent to parents address and got no response after a week so I then called to check if my email had been received and to make the request again to initially been told by the assistant that she didn't think my dress could be sent to my parents address as she didn't think Scotland was in the delivery area! After she had checked with a supervisor and was told that delivery would be arranged.

As she hadn't taken any payment details for delivery I called back the next day to check that my dress was definitely going to be delivered as well as confirming that when my bridesmaids dresssed arrived we would collect them (presuming that the dresses had not arrived) as they wanted the shop to alter them. The assistant called me back to let me know it was packed ready for delivery and took my payment details.

A week on the delivery arrives at my parents home for it to end up being my dress and the bridesmaids. Fortunately I'm going home and I'll be able to bring their dresses back with me to arrange an alteration appointment.

So If you were thinking of getting your dress and other outfits from here I would suggest that you note the dresses you like from the website and try for a weekday appointment if you would prefer more individual attention.


Do not waste your time with this place. It is horrible. I ordered a bridesmaid dress for a friends wedding, little did I know at the time that I was pregnant. They make you sign a form for special orders saying there are no refunds, but you'd think there would be an exception for pregnant women, given that it takes time to learn you are pregnant! The only remedy they offer you is to exchange the dress for one they have in the store, so you may be forced to exchange for a dress that is totally different from the on you ordered or to pay IN FULL (I asked about paying for a new dress at the store cost. No luck.) The one good thing they offered was 'free' alterations, however that apparently doesn't include shortening a dress if you are forced to get a long one because it's the only dress in the store in the right colour!!! So you get a dress you don't want and still have to pay for alterations. Great. So I am now sitting here waiting to get a dress altered and it's been 10 mins past my appointment time and no one has come to get me yet. Terrible customer service, and no sympathy to pregnant women....there are much better places to spend your money!!

Siobhan D

Picture the scene. You're in Primark. It's three days before Christmas. Clammy women desperately paw at £10 dresses as disinterested staff battle a Sisyphean task, scooping clothing off the floor and onto racks as they look around with dead, dispassionate stares. 

Except it's not Primark. It's a weekend in March, and you're at David's Bridal, where the dresses cost upwards of hundreds of pounds, not tens. 

I'm inclined to believe that shopping for what is likely to be the most expensive dress of your life should be a pleasant experience. Not so at David's. Unless you're into stained gowns and dreadful customer service, best give this place a swerve. 

The final straw was being forcefully ejected from our fitting rooms twenty minutes into an hour long appointment, with the sales assistants suggesting we squeeze the four of us bridesmaids into one cubicle. 

The only saving grace? You can take photos. Not that you will really want to, as you're packed in so tight you'll just end up with a lot of shots of yourself in a bad frock with other women's arses in the background.

(Our bride found 'The One' at Pronovias. If you value your sanity, and want something truly special, go there.)

Alison R

Very poor experience with buying a bridesmaid dress at the Stratford store. One star goes to a decent experience in-store which changed the minute we left. I had to chase every follow up detail repeatedly, with staff saying they'd call me back or send what I was asking for (in one instance a receipt that had never been emailed) and then doing nothing. When the dress eventually arrived they'd ordered the wrong one. We resolved to keep it as time was running short but I called to complain and discuss the problem with one of the managers; she made all the right noises and was very apologetic on the phone and promised to call me back when she'd spoken to her boss, then never did! Given the nature of my original complaint, this was astonishing. I am only thankful I didn't buy my wedding dress from there. Do yourself a favour and shop for your special day somewhere that actually deserves your money, it isn't here.

cassie c

I was excited to be looking for my wedding dress and nervous about spending a lot of money of the perfect one, but I can certainly say that this store will not be getting my money purely on principle. They rushed me into trying dresses on within my slot time, didn't give me any expert opinions or any accessories. I was trying on dresses alongside other brides to be feeling flustered and not very special at all. Considering the dresses were within the average range, I felt like I was in the bridal version of Primark.

An absolute let down and disappointment for driving all that way.

Don't bother......go somewhere that knows your shape and style, won't rush you away and will make you want to spend your money on the dress you'll walk to your husband in.

Jean T

made an app at strattord Davids bridal soon as you went in the staff was very friendly you where given a form to fill in then had to wait for your asst to take you up stairs my daughter was taken to be measured then we where told to pick three dress. i had to ask what style and shape would suit my daughter then we would know what to look for.my daughter is a plus size so they should have her size to try on every dress we pick didn't have her size. we ended up with three which my daughter was not keen on.plus i felt stressed has we only had an hour. and time was running out.the dresses where put on in a rush i had to keep asking what accessories would go with the dress, the asst just picked a random veil and said that's it.my experience there was horrible. my daughter said she didn't feel important. it was get the dresses on and leave.then the asst said her next appointment was here so we where rushed out to the till area given the numbers of the 2 dresses she liked.i told my daughter im glad i kept my card in my purse as they would not be getting my money.it just ruined the day. was expecting to purchase a wedding gown came out empty handed.

going some where else. 

Naomi M

I visited David's bridal this sunday and was greeted with many friendly staff faces. The introduction was friendly and the conversation was relaxed, so far so good i thought. I was told i could pick out three dresses from the rails in the first 'round' in order to leave enough dresses out for other ladies to try. Trying on the first dress was the start of quite a few disappointments, it was from the Vera Wang collection and was surprised that the quality of materials used wasn't as good as I was expecting, this led me to think that lesser quality materials were used to keep the costs of a 'designer' dress down. The following two dresses were....shocking. I can honestly say that the lace could be used for someone's net curtains! My mum decided to take a couple more dresses from the rails for me to try on, unfortunately the hems and stitching showed through the material, and the skirt used to bulk up the dresses felt horrible around the legs. I was aware that time was running out but asked if I could try on a beautiful beaded number from the manequin display, the assistant was gracious and kindly let me try it on. Out of all the dresses the beaded one was my favourite and told the assistant so. As soon as I went back into the changing rooms I was told I had 3 minutes of the appointment left and immediately felt rushed and stressed I hadn't really had a chance to re-try the dresses on. My final disappointment was when the assistant wrote down the dresses I had tried on, along with their prices but didn't include the details of the last dress, this made me feel as though she assumed we couldn't afford it. I took a look at the cost of the dresses she did write down and can honestly say that i'd prefer to spend a little more for MUCH better quality in an establishment that actually cares for the quality and gives you all the time you need without rushing you. Overall the staff were friendly, the store was lovely, but the dresses were less than average. 


Bit surprised at some of these reviews. Went to David's bridal in Stratford not really knowing what I wanted, so just went to try things on with a friend. Consultant was amazing (Toma I think her name was), pulled out various dresses in various shapes so I could try on and then pulled out more once I found the shape I liked. Fell in love with a dress, but didn't want to buy without my mum, they weren't pushing me to buy at all, not compared with the other shops I'd been to around Oxford St. They had no issues with us taking tonnes of photos as well, in fact they encouraged it so we could think about it later. It also wasn't intimidating, compared to some of the other shops I'd been in.

Booked in for another appointment with my mum and sister, they let me try on even more dresses. Bought the dress I fell in love with at the first fitting, and they even knocked some money off for me. Went back when the dress arrived for my fitting, and although it was one of their last appointments of the day, they were still helpful, although a little slow because most the staff had gone home. They even let my bridemaids try on dresses even though I hadn't booked them an appointment. We ended up buying the bridesmaids dresses too.

The dresses definitely  did not look cheap, but granted I was looking at the higher end of the dresses available (Zac Posnen, White by Vera Wang and Oleg Cassini).

Going to pick up my dress following the alterations in a couple of weeks hopefully it is ok. But advice to all brides, give it a go, there aren't that many high street bridal shops of this quality (believe me I looked...) and you might find your dress!


Either these reviewers are talking about the wrong store or things have changed beyond recognition!! I totally disagree with the earlier reviews. I went yesterday with my mother and two bridesmaids for a 6pm appt. We received a friendly greeting on arrival, filled in a brief questionnaire and were introduced to our consultant called Kirsty. She was very friendly and helpful, listened to what the girls were looking for and they tried on a variety of styles and colours. There was no pushiness, just warm, fun, friendly conversation with lots of giggles from the girls changing room. We were there for nearly two hours and were spoilt for choice. The quality of the dresses was superb, and I trawled Oxford Street before the appointment. My mother used to work and make dresses in a bridal store so was there for her experience and opinion on the workmanship of the dresses. Davids Bridal also offered shoes that could be dyed to match the dresses and there were other shoes already available to colour match the dresses. You could add on sashes with or without embellishments, a large selection of jewellery, tiaras and other accessories. We finally settled on two deep purple dresses with matching shoes, tiaras, necklace, earrings and bracelets,but the girls really were spoilt for choice!! In a way I was sad to have already purchased my wedding dress in September before the store opened. I couldn't fault the store both on presentation and on customer service. We have a final trying on appointment in July as my wedding is 1st September this year. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this store to anyone and will certainly go back for party dresses or anything else I may need in the future. Everything under one roof and sorted in one session. We even came away with colour swatches that I can use to match up my bouquets, chair sashes and table runners. Well done Kirsty and Davids Bridal - one very happy bridal party - top marks from me and my girls!


Overall I hated my experience at Davids Bridal the staff and the managers were absolutely appalling and not very helpful! The dresses look cheap didn't see anything that I would certainly wear on my Wedding day. The only thing they had going for them was the store. The Customer service was very bad and I felt like I was constantly rushed and just forced into buying a dress! After I left they had the cheek to call my phone two days later asking me how I got on I just told them to piss off! Will never be going back again!

Lili Thorn Gent

Was really excited about going to Davids Bridal to buy wedding lingerie and possibly a veil. However the lady who served me put me in totally the wrong size bras and didnt know how to help me at all! I was willing to spend upwards of £100 in their store but left with nothing feeling let down and deflated. I dont reccomend going there. Absolutely stunning store, but the staff are awful.


Did not really enjoy my experience however this seems to be a common as I took a trip with the girls to London to spend a day looking for dresses and found the level of service throughout the dress shops was bad. Getting married in July 2014 and still looking.


Afraid I found Davids Bridal unfun and unfriendly further more our assistant and the manager were like robots repeating very americanised speech, pushing the hard sell of taking your dress home today, so you can ring a bell in the store?! not sure if the service and structure is a bit too in your face for most uk brides who are discerning when quality and our hard earned cash is concerened. As for the dresses I was allowed to pick from 3 to try, all of which really did look cheap in comparison to the bounties I'd been to. The prices are not really less than normal boutiques I have now chosen a gorgeous Sottero and midgley number for £1295 the closest equivalent dress in Davids Bridal was the same price however the lace was shiny so suspect nylon based, the dress as all three I tried had no substance to them. I was so disappointed, however it helped make my decision the next day I went back to the nice local boutique and chose my much better quality and same priced dress.... I can't wait for it to arrive.... Maybe Davids Bridal is best suited to brides in a hurry?


Took me ages to find the perfect wedding dresses finally after many trips to diffrent outlets found the one on www.johnlewis.com/wedding-dresses only 2 months now!!!! :/ Will have to let my girlfriends know about your place sounds very good.

Emily Hong

Oh very nice dress pictures. I've just order mine already for a local shop in stockport. :)