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  • Address:

    Margaret Howell 34 Wigmore Street
    W1U 2RS

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    020 7009 9009

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  • Opening hours:

    Open 10am-6pm Mon-Wed, Fri, Sat; 10am-7pm Thur

  • Transport:

    Tube: Bond Street tube

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    1. Margaret Howell

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home brew

Granted Margaret Howell has a beautiful shop and Margaret Howells fabrics are nice BUT imo Margaret Howell is ridiculously overpriced-the sizes are all over the place-the designs[and yes I know they manipulate us into a nostalgia for a Briton that doesnt exist anymore] are so simple cutwise that again its hard to justify the price, the trousers rarely flattering-and sadly the quality is very variable-Ive had a shirt and a cardigan that the collars 'came away' in my hands after a couple of wears and a jumper whose seam was so badly done-it unravelled and were they alarmed that their much vaunted 'quality' was considerably worse than many other designers-no. Frankly I think the Emperor wears no clothes when it comes to Margaret Howell.

Anne Counsell

i want and need the irish tweed or is it twill i nneeed know godspeed the lakgluster insufficient illequipped an deprinciated ok crintz i ll take the twill no no an wool would swell ter me in barels sheep andi