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    Nicholas Camera Company 15 Camden High Street
    NW1 7JE

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    020 7916 7251

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    Open 10am-6pm Mon-Sat

  • Transport:

    Tube: Mornington Crescent tube

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    1. Nicholas Camera Company

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Wish I had read these reviews before purchasing my (faulty) camera from him. Won't offer a return, only exchange but I want nothing more to do with him after the way he spoke to me. He seems intent on destroying his own business. Absolutely baffling.


Returned a filter to this store which was sold damaged. Man offered an exchange - upon requesting a refund, withdraw offer and began to shout at me, calling me a time waster and (like most of his customers apparently...) a time waster. Threatened to call the police if I did not leave, called (someone) - not sure if it actually was the police twice. He has been reported for his abusive, vile behavior.


Nothing about this shop makes it interesting. If you - like most photographers, cherish your craft, you will be appalled with the service and condition of the equipment in this shop. Scratched filters, dusty cameras heaped up on top of each other - to some it might appear to be treasure trove but after being told that what I had hoped to buy was dusty because 'photographers on the street here in Camden do get dirty' you will be out of the door and down the road to Calumet in Euston in no time.


pathetic..... the man is a squint eyed lunatic and his stock and shop, well, a mere junkyard... if you like to splash some cash on old dusty and rusty tools help yourself then!


my personal experience of shop and owner have both been very pleasant, being in there is a bit like being in an old toy shop with hundreds of cameras and lenses piled high and low. a dream for any keen photographer willing to search and unearth a treasure.


As with TDF, I too have experienced problems. I ordered over the phone and the items arrived in not the same condition as described to me. When I phoned the shop to say I was returning the items the owner put the phone down on me. Repeatedly, I have phoned him but he makes all manner of pathetic excuses and to date has not refunded my money despite saying he would do so. On the advice of Consumer Direct I have written to both him and the credit card company but he has ignored the letter. It is about time Trading Standards sorted him out!


Nicholas Camera Company, Camden - This business is a disaster area in my view. The owner is a deeply unpleasant individual who has not only failed to deliver the product I ordered but has done everything he can to avoid making a refund to me - and still holds on to my money. My fight to recover my money is ongoing but his contempt for everyone but himself is very clear, for example I am "a stupid twit" according to him - this because I asked for a refund. If you Google and read the reviews you will see others who have had similar dreadful experiences in their dealings with this business anfd its owner. The company accounts (search Companies House) show a very shaky position and I am sure that this business will not survive for long. In fact it is surprising it has done so to date.