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Halloween theatre in London

Get the chills with some seriously spooky Halloween theatre

© The Woman in Black
Seeking a bigger scare than you'll get from the local sugar-swindling kids? Spend your Halloween at one of these terrifying London theatre shows.
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Halloween shows in London

NT Live Encore Screening: Frankenstein

Two specially filmed performances of Danny Boyle's staging of Mary Shelley in a new adaptation by Nick Dear. Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller alternate the roles of Victor Frankenstein and his hideous creation, whose fates become entwined with devastating consequences. The cruelty of man gradually corrupts the creature and he wreaks revenge on Frankenstein and his bride-to-be, Agatha.

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The Woman in Black

Critics' choice

It's been over 20 years since this skillful adaptation of Susan Hill's 1983 Gothic horror story first started setting West End audience a-shiver.

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Fortune Theatre , Covent Garden Until Saturday January 21 2017

Too scary? Try this fun theatre instead...

Kids' theatre in London

Too big for puppets but too small to refrain from squirming for two full acts? Try one of these energetic theatre shows for kids. The productions on this list are best for ages five and up. If you're thinking smaller read about shows for younger children instead, or if they're getting on a bit try our family theatre shows page.

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Find a Halloween costume

London’s best Halloween costumes

Stuck with what to wear to scare this Halloween? We’ve raided Angels, London’s biggest and best fancy dress shop, to dig up the most frightfully brilliant Halloween costumes that this cesspit of a city has to offer. Whether you want to be a magnificent Maleficent, a Warewolf in London or a pigging good butcher, we're got the scream of the crop. All images shot in The London Bridge Experience & Tombs. RECOMMENDED: Read the full Halloween in London guide

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By: Miriam Bouteba