Jersey Boys


West End

Prince Edward Theatre

Until Sun Mar 9

  • David, Ryan, Edd & Jon


    David, Ryan, Edd & Jon
  • Cast of Jersey Boys


    Cast of Jersey Boys
  • Ryan, Edd, Jon & David


    Ryan, Edd, Jon & David
  • Edd, Ryan, Jon & David


    Edd, Ryan, Jon & David
  • David, Ryan, Edd & Jon


    David, Ryan, Edd & Jon

David, Ryan, Edd & Jon


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Kay J

Being a lover of musicals I couldn't wait to see the new cast of jersey boys when it moved theatre in March. Well I have now seen the show 5 times in the past 3 weeks. Not a fan of the two guys playing Frankie this year. Saw Michael a couple of times last year in this part .vocals just not right for this role. Not good enough really. Same goes for the other guy sandy. I wouldn't be in a rush to go back now.

Sharon  S

I watched this on April 29th 2014 for the first time, and I thought both the acting and singing was brilliant, I learnt a lot of stuff I didn’t know and I'm still humming the songs. I’m not sure who played Frankie but him and all the cast were terrific.

Karen L

Caught this show last Saturday mat. Sadly not the show I have seen in the past! The lead just wasn't up to the standard I had seen before. Off key with some songs. His speaking parts were rushed with no character at all. Looks like the move to a smaller theatre as resulted in cheap casting who dropped below the level the west end should have. Might have well gone to a local theatre. A lot cheaper for the same quality!


So Ryan Molloy is leaving after 6 brilliant years playing Frankie Valli. The standard has certainly dropped in the past few years. Marketing has become more important than giving the paying audience the best that they can. Actors look like they have been given parts just for looks rather than real talent. Always followed this show as it was like a breath of fresh air! Always uplifting. The talent was always top class until a little while back.Seen all the understudies for the lead this year at least 4 times each.(except the last one) Ben Jennings/Michael Watson shared 1st cover this year. Ben is just superb in everyway! Does it all. Voice,dance,acting. Michael didn't quite get to grips with this demanding role. He tends to be off key with most of the songs.Really couldn't dance either. It fact the only think I would say in his favour is that he looks right. Really hope this is not how the show is going to be cast in the future! Will be the end of my viewing if this is the case. Good luck Ryan in whatever you do next! Think


Great music! This is one of the best west end musicals I've ever seen however I felt I was suspended in mid air and scared to lean forward.I would advise you to get a seat the closest to the front if you are not keen on heights.But altogether the show was amazing and I would come again!

Carol smith

Fab show! Great songs with great cast! My favourite and the best Frankie Valli is Ben Jennings! Not because of any other reason than his sheer talent alone! Have seen many actors play the part. Some have looks for the part but not vocals. Some don't look the role but can act an dance. Ben has outshone with his outstanding voice.! Plus an amazing dancer an actor! Just superb!! Saw Broadway a few years ago. The lead came no way near Ben for his vocals! London cast so much more talented. Great to see London beat USA at there own game!

Emily Langan

Seen this show so many times over the last couple of years. This is by far one of the best musicals I have ever seen. Now, I am only in my late teens so when I first saw this show, I had no idea about the group, Frankie Valli and The Four seasons, only knew a couple of songs really, nothing else. But boy was I wrong, not only did I know nearly ALL of the songs, but the actual show is just wonderful, not your typical singing, dancing happy-go-lucky show, it has a real story behind it. Just an all-round fantastic show, and the cast are amazing!

Lynne spears

Seen it 94 times need I say more a real feel good show you will see how slick and professional it is compard to any other shows always 100% given by cast you always feel part of the show !!!!

The Harringtons

We are avid musical theatre fans (son is studying musical theatre at University!), this show was fab! Brilliant cast, who worked extremely hard as they are on stage for most of the time. Great singing and acting - we loved it! We would go again and very much appreciated all of the hard work which went into making such an effortless performance. Well done to all involved! We were the noisy ones jumping up and down and whooping during the standing ovation :-)

Nadia Harrington

We are avid musical theatre fans (son is studying musical theatre at University!), this show was fab! Brilliant cast, who worked extremely hard as they are on stage for most of the time. Great singing and acting - we loved it! We would go again and very much appreciated all of the hard work which went into making such an effortless performance. Well done to all involved! We were the noisy ones jumping up and down and whooping during the standing ovation :-)

lesley pennell

I brought tickets to see the Jersey boys for my husband's Christmas present Dec 2013 ,we went on 28th Dec it was not a disappointment we had heard it was good ,but we thought good was not an appropriate word to use it was excellent from start to finish .on arrival we where offered to upgrade our tickets for £10 each which we did taking us to prime viewing seats ,the whole storey is Frankie valli and the four seasons was and experience to watch showing the struggles and mentle struggle of these boys ,what an insperation they are to our eira today, we are booking tickets again this month for my mother's birthday to see the boys in action again well done to all the cast and also the lovely smiling faces and kindness of all the auditorium staff out front

Laura Jolly

AWESOME TALENT !! BEN JENNINGS!! You have to see him to see just how brilliant he is!! Watch show so many times. He is so much better than every other Frankie I have seen! Ryan Molloy of course is brilliant having played the lead for so many years. But this guy is on par!! Love the show love this actor!!

Bobbie smith

Very weak lead. Saw show with a cover who struggled. Singing was flat, dancing off time with the other leads. Michael Watson was his name I think. Put off going again for a while.

Toni shadow

Musicals have been a passion of mine for over 25 years. Jersey boys rate right up with the best ones I have seen. Every year it's exciting to see new cast members join the different shows in London. Ryan Molloy has to be one of the only leads to play a part for the time the show has been running. I know that this show is moving theatre next year so is it time for a change? Sadly some of the understudies for Frankie Valli have not been cast for they talent but for look. These actors cannot maintain the vocal ability that Ryan has managed to do. Holding the show together. Making it what it is. Knowing how other shows standards have dropped in time due to cutting costs I fear this excellent show will go the same way. I hope I am wrong but have seen the changes over the years already. Would be a shame if the show suffers because of miscasting. Y


Fantastic show with timeless songs throughout. A very entertaining story and great cast. All round a top evening!


First time seeing a show in London west end. Seen jersey boys on broadway twice! Brilliant! Can't say the same for the London cast I saw last week! Michael Watson was just awful as the lead! As a tourist I will be giving this show a miss the next time I'm in England!!


What a brilliant show! Ben Jennings was Magnificent as Frankie Valli! What an amazing voice!, sang every song like he owned the part! Would go again just to see this a class of his own!! Great show!!


Very good. Enjoyed it very much. Had forgotten how many good songs were originally theirs


Didn't want the show to end , absolutely fabulous , brilliant night out and can't wait for the next one ,any suggestions ?


I have never written a review about a show before disappointed! Love most west end theatre so go every month. Saw jersey boys last tuesday. Cover on for the lead. Good looking guy who but the sounds of it had some females in to watch him judging by the noise they were making though out the show. Shame his face didn't match his voice! He just couldn't seem to sing in tune! The second act didn't improve. A lot of talented cast just not him! Will be giving this show a miss!


FABULOUS BEN JENNINGS!!! One of the most talented performers in the west end! Seen jersey boys a few times now. Ben always gives an outstanding performance. His voice is second to none! Love the show, love this guy!! Have seen most of the other guys that have played Frankie they haven't come close to Ben.!! A real credit to the show!!

Jay lewis

What has happened to this show? It has always been known for the cast being talented in every way. Saw it a couple of weeks ago (26th mat) was not impressed. The guy playing Frankie was a cover which is normally ok as the standard is as good as the lead. This time it wasn't! He sang off key for most of of the show which lead to him being out of time to the music. You could see the other cast members looking very uneasy. I don't really want to pay for a show that can't select the right performers especially playing the lead if they are not capable. It's not really fair to us the paying public once we are in and seated expecting top west end performers. Can't remember the actors name. Have seen Ryan molloy who is outstanding plus first cover Ben Jennings who also can deliver a top class performance.

Emma sawyer

Seen jersey boys about 7/8 times over the past few years. Do love this show! Went yesterday mat. What a star Ben Jennings is! Magnificent performer! His voice is just amazing. One of the best Frankies I have seen. Can't see anyone touching this guy for his talent alone! Great show!!


Waited to see this show for a long time.I have seen many of the cast in other shows so it's nice when you spot them again to see how they play other parts. Saw Michael Watson cover the lead a few weeks back. I had seen him in sherk and enjoyed what he did so was looking forward the show when I saw his name on the board. Very disappointed I'm afraid! His timing was bad. Also a few bum notes. I thought he was going to get better as the show when on but no it didn't happen! I felt he wasn't quite up to playing the part you could tell he was a cover. A poor one sorry to say.


Being male I'm not normally a great musical fan but this one is something special! Great cast with outstanding music! Must confess to have seen the show twice now. Amazing guys who were playing Frankie Valli both times.Ryan Molloy first time then Ben Jennings. Both have the vocals to blow you away! I will be back!


Absolutely amazing!! Great, great singing ang whole performance! Highly recommended :)

Sophie webb

Fab show! Don't think I've heard the song " can't take my eyes off you " sang quite as well as Ben Jennings who was playing the lead did it! Loved the whole thing. Will be going back!


Phenomenal Ben Jennings! Has to be one of the best Frankies I have seen in Jersey boys over the years! Can't explain just how good he is! Steals the show every time!


Average show! Did enjoy some of the performers just not the lead! One of the other cast members who played Tommy led the show all the way. Michael Watson who was Frankie for this show was way out of his depth! He couldn't quite keep in tune with most of the songs which spoiled the show for me.


Hardest male vocal I have heard in the west end! Just outstanding the talent in this show. Saw last week with Ben Jennings as Frankie Valli. He brought the house down! Fantastic!!


What a show! It has everything. Great cast great music! The vocals of the lead played by Ben Jennings was superb! What a talent!! Everyone stood for standing ovation! Brilliant show!!


Fab show! Best cast! Seen this show in new York as well. London one so much better! Ryan molloy is one amazing guy as Frankie Valli. Super talent!


The show was absolutely great! I loved it! There was standing ovation in the end and they deserved it!


As a guy who gets pulled along to muscials by the wife. I do happen to like this one! Great cast with a amazing lead! (Ryan) Totally agree with the comments about Ben Jennings as well. One to watch I think. Outstanding performer!! Yes I have also seen Michael Watson, I do like to give people a go as I had read really bad reviews about this guy. But wanted to see for myself. Well he wasn't good!! Like others have said just so out of tune with all the songs! Think someone has made a big mistake in casting this guy! Won't do the show much good if he stays when they move next year! I certainly wouldn't go if I knew he was playing again.


Saw show with Michael Watson playing the lead. One of the worst performances I have ever seen in a west end show! I'm not claiming to be an expert in anyway but this guy couldn't hold a tune together let alone the lead in a top London show! He was flat and off key through the whole show.His acting wasn't much better going from mr angry to over acting every scene. Too be fair he looked the part which I will assume that is why he is an understudy. Talent all the way for me I'm afraid. If this is how producers are casting they should hang their heads in shame! Anyway I have seen this show a few times in the past will brilliant performers! Ryan molloy an Ben Jennings spring to mind! So will be very careful in picking my Frankie in the future!!


Depends heavily on the Frankie it seems, but my experience with the show was incredibly positive. Great songs and my cast sang it all really well. Hugely fun night out, just pick a Molloy or Jennings night.

Jill day

This show is one of my all time favourites! Seen it over 20 times. Quite a few different actors playing the lead as well. Do try an book when I know a great Frankie is going to be on. Ryan molloy and Ben Jennings are the best in my view. Couldn't stand Jon Lee who makes no effort to even sound like Frankie Valli. New cover Michael Watson on first site looks great until he opens his mouth. His vocals are flat with nervous shouting acting! Still a great show, just pick who you go an see.

Robert collins

I do like this show. Have seen it a few times saw Michael Watson playing the lead.Not really up to the part! Singing was off key plus he played Frankie like a angry headcase! Not a fan either of Jon lee who sings it like Jon lee in s club seven. Not very nice. Ryan molloy is by far the best Frankie I have seen. One understudy comes very close tho. Ben Jennings. Would def go back to see this guy in the role.


Just awful. It sounded bad - that guy from S Club trying in vain to sound like Frankie Valli and just doing some high-pitch wailing - and it looked bad: normally musicals at least give you some kind of visual spectacle but they just tried different ways of standing still and trying to sing. And the stage was dirty and looked like a GCSE drama studio. In fact the whole thing was little better than a school play. All for £40 in the Gods... save your time, save your money, and save your ears.