The Bodyguard


West End

Adelphi Theatre

Until Sat Aug 30 2014

  • © Alessandro Pinna

    'The Bodyguard'

  • © Alessandro Pinna

    'The Bodyguard'

  • © Alessandro Pinna

    'The Bodyguard'

  • © Alessandro Pinna

    'The Bodyguard'

  • © Alessandro Pinna

    'The Bodyguard'

© Alessandro Pinna

'The Bodyguard'

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anne c

just back from seeing the show and i loved it. Alexandra Burke was outstanding, the songs were great. i was really impressed with the set and the slick changes both to that and the costumes. If you get a chance go and see it


I really enjoyed the show.I didn't get to see Beverly Knight on the night I went, but this didn't detract from my enjoyment at all. I did feel there was perhaps something missing but I can't put my finger on it. It may just have been the absence of Whitney Houston herself.

Sarah Penton

The Bodyguard is definitely worth seeing. Beverly Knight is excellent, the costumes are incredible and the dancing is uplifting. Well worth seeing.


I enjoyed the movie so wasn't sure I would like the show. Really loved it , very well done and the singing was first class, I also thought the set was good. The seats were good and received the tickets with no problems


I'm not a musical fan at all. I had to be dragged along to this. BUT . . .what a pleasant surprise. The plot isn't amazing and is a bit cheesy (I hadn't seen the film), but that's often the case with musicals. The whole thing stands or falls on whether you like the music I suppose - and Whitney's hits come thick and fast. I think it was Joelle Moses playing the lead (Thurs 3rd October - certainly wasn't Beverley Knight) - but I couldn't care less. She sang amazingly well. The 'big' number on the rising podium was spot on. There is a laugh or two along the way - and the set is as good as a set can be (the set at the Academy Award ceremony is simple, yet brilliant), and a very clever use of slient slow-mo in a disco scene. We did have the best seats (centre stalls row F) - which always adds how much a show like this come across. I don't see how anyone could rate this low - unless they hate the music of Whitney Houston fans - and in that case why are they going? A good, easy, uplifting and fun night out. Not for theatre snobs I guess (based on some reviews), but I, for one, left feeling very entertained.


I was really dissapointed about singing and acting. The whole performance was below the expectations.

Simon Burman

First half is slow, no belting out of numbers, stage graphics out of sync and dated. Doesn't strutt when on stage, but looks at her shoes? What's that about! You're supposed to be an established star. Only until the last song of the first act does it start to pick up. Note to sound technician - turn her mic up! Second half much better. Seriously lacks tone and warmth though. Not worth the money. Ghost FAR BETTER!

russell thomas

Don't Go Unless heather is playing as rachel marron ! Major Dissapointment. If Your A Heather Fan They stuck in an understudy's understudy from the musical esemble . Costumes didn't fit ,but above all the awful! vocal scraeming almost unbearable and totaly out of tune !!!,Janet Kumar was her name not even listed as an undertsudy never heard of her ever. check an make shore heather is on !!! i was told now its been previewed for first few weeks she only does a few shows and one weekend show ! dissapointing ! false advertising in a way its like there filling seats and giving customers false expectations !!!


The review is spot on! I waited so long to see this and while it was the most amazing set I have seen in a musical (they did have to stop the show 3 times as the set wouldn't move...disaster) the acting was beyond bad. The character of Rachel is extremely unlikeable and Frank is so monotone. I want to like it, I really do....but the money and time seems to have all gone to the set and not into the script. Ohhh and Rachel wears the same jeans in about 6 scenes...that annoyed the crap outta me! No metal dress, just those jeans!!!

Rowan Black

What can I say a wonderful musical and at a price that everyone can afford. Do yourself a faver an see this must see musical as soon as possible. FANTASTIC !!!!!!


I couldn't agree more with The Guardian and Time Out's review. I saw during preview period and both my friend and myself were not impressed. The show and performers are very much let down by the book, there isn't the tension that should be there, the iconic outfit featured in the marketing and advertising on the programme cover doesn't even feature in the show. Was very disappointing but fantastic individual performances.


This could be the surprise winner of this years new show openings. I think a star is about to be born in Heather Headley - book! But try to see her