The Book of Mormon

Theatre , West End Prince of Wales Theatre , Piccadilly Circus Monday May 30 2016 - Saturday August 20 2016
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Alexia Khadime and Brian Sears

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Nic Rouleau and Chris Jarman

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Billy Sears, Nic Rouleau and Lucy St Louis

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The 'South Park' creators' musical doesn't quite live up to the epic hype, but is still the funniest show in town.

Nic Rouleau and Brian Sears are the current Elders Price and Cunningham

Brace yourself for a shock: ‘South Park’ creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Broadway-munching musical is not particularly shocking. Sure, there are ‘fucks’ and ‘cunts’ and gags about baby rape – but beneath it all, this is a big-hearted affair that pays note-perfect homage to the spirit of Broadway’s golden age as much as the sounds.

The strapping young Latter Day Saints missionaries in ‘The Book of Mormon’ are as cartoonish as any ‘South Park’ character, with the endearing alpha-male woodenness of the ‘Team America’ puppets. In other words, they are loveable, well-intentioned idiots, traversing the globe like groups of pious meerkats, convinced they can convert the heathen through sheer politeness. And if they have doubts, then as Stephen Ashfield’s scene-stealingly repressed Elder McKinley declares in glorious faux-Gershwin number ‘Turn it Off’, ‘Don’t feel those feelings – hold them in instead!’

His advice is ignored by the show’s heroes, narcissistic, highly strung Elder Price (Gavin Creel) and dumpy, lying Elder Cunningham (Jared Gertner). The pair are sent to Uganda in an effort to convert a village to Mormonism, a religion that essentially tells the penniless villagers how great distant America is. The locals are not keen: Price cracks and unwisely clashes with a crazed local warlord; Cunningham makes up his own version of Mormonism which involves fucking frogs to cure oneself of Aids.

‘The Book of Mormon’ is, above all, very funny, breathing three-dimensional, all-singing, all-dancing life into the absurdities of literal Mormon dogma without ever being mean. It’s the mildest thing Parker and Stone have done, atheist in outlook but conciliatory towards anyone whose beliefs make them happy. If they and co-creator Robert ‘Avenue Q’ Lopez are angry about anything, it’s ‘The Lion King’: ‘Mormon’ neatly sidesteps accusations of racism by making its Uganda a scathing and explicit parody of that musical blockbuster’s misty-eyed romanticism.

From Casey Nicholaw’s kitsch choreography to the sheer detail of a book that hops with elan from Biblical Egypt to eighteenth-century America to a sort of vaginal version of hell, this is a tremendous show, as accomplished as it is funny. It also has as hard-working, well-drilled and odd-looking an ensemble as you’ll see on the West End.

And yet, after the biblical deluge of hype, for me ‘Mormon’ is only the best West End musical since the stronger ‘Matilda’. It offers a series of great-to-sublime songs and set pieces, but for all the laughs, as a whole it lacks the satiric purpose and angry animating spark of its creators’ other work.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are not West End messiahs. But they are very naughty boys, and it’s hard not to love their smash musical. 

Venue name: Prince of Wales Theatre
Address: Coventry St

Transport: Tube: Leicester Sq
Price: £37.50-£95. Runs 2hrs 30mins
Event phone: 0844 544 3830

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2 of 2 found helpful

It says something about their reputations going before them, but I was actually expecting this to be more extreme. It's hardly take-your-gran material though and still incredibly unique on the west end stage. 

I would have liked to have seen more from the supporting Mormons too, they were brilliant, so I was disappointed they were under-used. 

But as an intelligent spectacle on a grand scale, it's a pretty magnificent beast.

Natasha Bibi
2 of 2 found helpful

Ah Book of Mormon...It took me such a long time to see you, and my expectations were so high. And yep, they were pretty much met! The first act is, as is often the way, the most hilarious and engaging. I laughed so hard at at least two of the songs. Though I must admit, there were often moments when I genuinely cringed, and thought maybe they were going a little too far. Certain topics (if you see it, you'll know what I mean) that are in bad taste, rather than being ironically funny. My aunt and uncle asked me if they should see it, and I said no: The type of humour is really only suitable for those with dark sides! But if you enjoy that kind of humour, definitely see it - it can be very, very funny.

Sophie G

Purchased these tickets for my boyfriends 40th birthday present and although he throughly enjoyed himself, I must say I think it is over hyped. It wasn't as rude/crude as I was expecting and I think they could have push the boundaries a litter further. However my overall experience was great and I would recommend it, but with a little less expectation.

Richard J

This was really funny, excellently executed. The jokes - and the little tweaks to refer to politics and lifestyle this side of the Atlantic -are hilarious. I was laughing throughout - but not something for people who can't bear rude language. I would like to give it four-and-a-half - it really deserves more than four - but not quite five because a couple of the jokes about Africans seemed a bit 1980s and because I can't really remember the songs - none was that completely memorable. But they were extremely good as a whole - go see this.

Alexandra R

Just as funny on a second viewing, although I wouldn't recommend it for anyone easily offended

T. W.

I can't believe that this is getting 5 stars from users... it's massively overhyped and overpriced. 

There are no iconic songs; I challenge anyone walking out of the show to hum or sing any of the songs in the show. The acting is good but the script is saggy and slow. The concept is high but overly wrought. I did like that main set piece towards the end of the second half, that was funny and original. But the rest lacked so so so much. Sadly there is so much better theatre out there and it's being subsumed by this over-hyped US import. Go see some decent theatre instead of this.

Amy L

All visitors to London who are looking for a musical (and people who live here but haven't yet seen it) - choose this one. It's funny, clever, and interesting, and you'll be singing the songs for days afterwards (under your breath, because most of them are so politically incorrect that you could get punched in the face if you were heard singing them out of context). The acting is superb, and the singing surprisingly good - I went along expecting to laugh and perhaps to be slightly offended, but not necessarily to be wowed by the voices of the cast. As someone who is not really a fan of Southpark or Team America, I have to say that this production is a cut above Stone and Parker's previous work, and is a definite must-see for everyone (even those who don't usually like musicals). Just go.

Betha H

Brilliant show, did not disappoint. Fantastic original songs that really made the show so special.

Silke V

It was just the best. Only problem that it felt too short which is a good sign. The quing went smooth and quick even though they seemed very long. We got quick answers to our questions, many helpful people around. The break was a bit short too. This made my day, week, life! I just couldn't stop smiling and signing afterwards. I am addicted to the songs now...

Adrian C

Hilariously fun and entertaining, but certainly not for prudes or those easily offended. I laughed so much that my facial muscles ached. I had expected 'South Park' with singing, but it was so much more.Don't miss it. 

Daniel B

I wasn't quite sure what to expect, and given I took my whole family for their Christmas presents (aged from 26 - 67) I was a little nervous as to how it would be received.  Everyone loved it...said they would go again!!

Sarah J

I've definitely waited a really long time to see this, and I definitely had my critical hat on. But I have to say it pleasantly exceeded my expectations and I would 100% recommend to others if you can take the 'God-jokes' on the chin and see it for what it is which is an interesting and clever take on religious satire, and not a mockery or insult at religion. The songs and musical performances were amazing! I couldn't get the songs out of my head, they're so catchy - you literally start tapping your feet and singing a-long. I think some of the language is profane and it takes you by surprise, but that would be my only negative. I think the whole thing was well-done and cleverly thought out, even the tiniest of details. I can definitely see why it's such a best-seller with hardly any empty seats on a Tuesday night performance. 

Laura B

Really funny in places, particularly references to how bonkers the Mormon religion is but we didn't enjoy it as much as we were expecting given the hype there has been around it. Pretty racist / patronising in places - not sure FGM, AIDS and baby rape is funny? - and we feel it could have worked just as well set anywhere else in the world. Worth a look though! Most other people seemed to be enjoying it greatly!

Daniel L

There is a reason why this won the olivier for best musical 2014. This is literally a breath of fresh air in terms of its content and presentation. It borders on the slightly offensive (some audience members walked out midway) but overall this should be enjoyed by all. Parental guidance IS advised but adults would definitely see the funny side in the jokes. The cast is superb and this had me laughing out loud even after watching for my fourth time!

Shona R

hasa diga eebowai! CAUTION: Not PC at all!

This musical is so refreshing. Not a remake of a movie, kid's story or well known tale.  It's clear why it's been running for so long.  Unfortunately, it seems some people are not aware of just how un-PC the jokes are.  Be warned, if you get offended easily - this is not for you.

After all that I heard about this play, I had expected a lot and one song in particular has stayed with me even now, months after I watched it!  Go along, have a cheeky giggle at the inappropriateness and enjoy a night of fun!

Zainab A

Amazing show! Laughing and smiling throughout. Amazing actors, amazing songs amazing acting. Loved every bit of it

Kishma S

I've wanted to see this for years. I've consistently heard three things about this; it's funny, rude and expensive. It is definitely all three. Aside from that I didn't know what to expect.

This is a show unlike anything I've ever seen before and I spent large parts with my mouth just hanging open.

This is a clever, raw, wildly entertaining show with a brilliant cast and fabulous musical numbers.

I got great seats for £50 but had to book 12 weeks in advance for a Monday but it was most definitely worth it.

Staff Writer

An unique show in the west end!! The show totally met my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised with the music and singing performance (5 stars to "Orlando"). Absolutely hilarious! Expect extreme materials on stage to be taken with a pinch of salt!


The Book of Mormon is absolutely hilarious! I loved every minute of it and would easily go and see it again. (Don’t go if you’re easily offended though!) The actors were great and the plot itself was exactly what you would expect from the creators of South Park. Go and see it now!

Livvi AT

If you are musical mogul or cringe at the sight of jazz hands, I defy anyone to not enjoy this side splittingly funny, unique musical. I mean, my friend even took her priest mother, and she could hardly contain herself with laughter. It is a triumph and one of London's must see shows.

From the writers of South Park, their crazy sense of humour permeates the show, and silly costumes and voices elevate what would be ordinary 'filler' characters in other musicals. What makes this show so enjoyable, is that while the acting are self-consciously poking fun at classic musical tropes (there is a song which is a near identical replica of Wicked's Defying Gravity), the actors and performers are outstandingly talented. The tap number is a real show-stopper and the African's interpretation of Joseph Smith's story is beautifully sung, stupidly funny and a fantastic spectacle. 

I have been twice, and while some of the shock moments and punch lines lose their original sheen, the quality of the songs (so catchy and very clever lyrics), the performers and the production values make it a real treat. Beg, borrow, steal- whatever you have to do, get a ticket if you haven't already, but don't feel any rush; I have a feeling this show will become a permanent fixture of the London's theatre scene. 

Erika L

I have been wanting to see Book of Mormon for years, so my expectations were quite high. It honestly far exceeded my expectations and is one of my favourite musicals I have ever seen. I was laughing almost the entire time and had a smile on my face from the opening act. It's fun, hilariously funny, and really a must see!

Mhairi C

Favourite west end show of all time. Watched twice in 3 months I loved so much. Go!

Icaro R

It's funny, but certainly doesn't live uo to the hype. I love simple humour, but this is more like basic humour. If value for money was to be taken into account, it'd get 2 stars from me (i.e don't go).


I was really disappointed by this musical....I had read so many good reviews prior to visiting theater, that probably at the end made me expect much more. I didn't fancy the playwright at all, the music was so flat/indifferent with no songs to remember and  the comedy parts were really american style/black humor  jokes that I hardly enjoyed. If you add on that the unreasonable high ticket prices, I wouldn't suggest it. There are so many other West End's musicals out there, that truly deserve your visit...


There is (still) such a massive hype surrounding The Book of Mormon that after seeing it, I was left feeling pretty disappointed. This is coming from someone who has seen Avenue Q 6 six times (!) and who saw Hand to God this week too. So I don't get easily offended, I'm open minded and I love to laugh. However, whilst The Book of Mormon still pushed conventional boundaries and could easily have 'touched a nerve' for some, I didn't think it was as radical and outrageously funny as people say and I certainly wouldn't go to see it again as I know it wouldn't have much effect at all then. Saying that, it is still unique and an alternative to seemingly 'samey' love stories etc that can seem predictable. It is worth a watch, just don't splash too much out on it!


Offensive, hilarious, outrageous, camp, shocking, brilliant, distasteful, genius. 

Get a ticket as soon as you can and see this show. 


There's no doubting that The Book of Mormon is very funny, as you'd expect from the creators of South Park and Team America. It's wrong in so many ways but also has a point! The songs are also catchy and there's also an element of warmth to the whole thing that stops it being truly offensive. If you like musicals along the line of Avenue Q and you don't take things too seriously, then go take a look. I do, however, disagree that you MUST see this musical before you die. It's good, but I didn't die in my seat laughing :)

Alexander M

The first act was well written and executed providing good amusement & entertainment. It is a shame that this then deteriorated as the musical resorted to cheap jokes and vulgar comments too sexual, visual and repetitive in nature. Such a could have been so much better....I do hope this is not a trend for the west end to follow.....

Charlie R

Really enjoyed it. Took my other half who's a big Southpark fan and he's not stopped singing the songs since we got back. Definitely a specific type of dark humour - if you're not a southpark fan, then not sure you'd find it funny. We thought it was absolutely brilliant. Adored the mormons and their fabulous numbers in particular.

Philippa H

I have to say, as someone who isn't a big SouthPark fan, I was dubious about seeing this musical. However, I was intrigued as to what the hype was about and I wasn't disappointed. It was by far, the funniest thing I have seen West End or otherwise, in a very long time. It's not immature humour, it's extremely intelligent and any theatre lover would appreciate how clever the storyline, soundtrack and set have been used. Definitely worth a visit & thanks Time Out for making it happen! 

Sarah H

Bloody brilliant. Funny, filthy, toe-tappingly great. Took my 15-year-old who thought it was EPIC. Theatre was packed, everyone seemed to be having a great time including immaculately dressed pensioners. Bit disappointed no one walked out in rage, but can't blame them. I'd have gladly watched another two hours.

Will P

Laughed all the way through. Even if you're not au fait with the work of Matt Stone and Trey Parker (and you're not offended by any crude/dark humour) this is a fantastic show. A bit more mainstream friendly compared to what the duo have produced in the past as it's not as extreme as previous episodes of South Park, but still funny.

Linda W

We went with a slight nervousness as to how cringey and/or offensive it might be, and there were moments that fulfilled these expectations! However, they were all totally appropriate within this hilarious and intelligent parody on religious moralising and hypocrisy. We would thoroughly recommend it...but for those who are not easily offended. Great show! 

shere m

I absolutely loved it. It surpassed my expectations. I'm from the US and lived in a couple areas where there were a lot of Mormons so this resonated with me a lot. I'm a huge South Park and Trey Parker and Matt Stone fan so I was thrilled to finally be able to seeing. I highly recommend it for those not easily offended!

Dr D

This is the second time I've seen it! I even took my Mum this time who loved it. It's irreverent, funny, often close to the bone all weaved together with an excellent soundtrack and slick direction .

My only disappointment last night was I felt the music vocal mix was wrong in the first half . This made it difficult to hear the words sometimes which is paramount in this show. They had fixed it by the second half but I'd love to know if the theatre realized there was a problem

Go see it though !its a musical for musical haters !!

Joss B

easily the best, funniest and most creative production currently running in London, hits the nail entirely on the head

Kritt N

I absolutely loved the the book of Mormon. So good, I went and saw it twice!

Based in the Prince of Wales theatre and only a stone throw away from Piccadilly Circus, the Book of Mormon is a musical comedy that tells the tale of two latter day saints mission to convert the people of Uganda to Mormonism.

It was side splittingly hilarious. The all-singing and all-dancing dimension of the musical pokes fun into the life and strange dogma of Mormon beliefs without being mean. The acting was excellent too, and every actor on stage really portrayed the well-mannered, well-intentioned, cartoonish-like idiots who genuinely believes they can convert the world to Mormonism by sheer politeness. Good luck doing that in war-torn, poverty stricken Uganda!

Admittedly, The book of Mormon is not for everyone. There’s a good dollop of naughty words thrown in. But if you love the producer’s earlier work, South Park, you’ll absolutely love this and I highly recommend it if this sounds like your thing.

Tip: Two hours before every performance, the theatre holds a special lottery. If your name is called out, you’ll be entitled to purchase two of the 20 top seats reserved for lottery winners for the unbelievable price of £20 each! I’ve tried on three occasions and my name came out twice! Give it a go and good luck!

Sonny C

I saw this previously & had a negative experience. I just remember feeling offended & not being comfortable laughing at some of the undeniably poor taste subject matter. I decided to give it another go one rainy Wednesday afternoon when a cheap matinee ticket offer tempted me back. This time I loved it! Knowing it would be so rude & crude completely desensitised me I was able to sit back, soak up the unashamedly jazz hands show tunes & cheer on our mismatched heroes Elder Price & Elder Cunningham on their African mission. I found it hilarious, toe tapping & even touching?! Would go again in a heartbeat it's one that gets funnier & better with repeated viewing & is a West End must see

Jason James

This is very funny indeed. Met every one of my sky-high expectations and I left smiling like an idiot. But tired - it's tough laughing that much.

Nigel C

Maybe I went to this with too much expectancy but I have to say that it certainly didn't deliver what I thought it would. The story line was OK but it was all a bit too predictable. The second half of the show was better than the first but the whole experience was overshadowed by the fact that it was soooo hot in the theatre. I'd say it's worth a look if you can get some discounted tickets but remember to just wear shorts and a vest and carry a large bottle of something rehydrating with you! 

Staff Writer

Without a doubt the funniest musical I have ever seen. I took my dad as a treat and the man was crying with laughter!

The combination of the idiotic but charming Mormons in the setting of an African village where the locals are looking at them as if they are aliens because of their unique ideas about how to solve their problems is genius. Songs such as, 'Turn it off', are hilarious and the whole production is slick, stylish and dare I say it - worth the cost of the ticket! Both times I have booked a couple of months ahead of time and selected £37.50 tickets which I think is pretty good. There really isn't a bad seat in this Theatre so don't worry about the cheaper seats not having a good view. 

stephen j

What's not to like providing you like the controversial, no holds barred humour of Southpark, Team America and the likes then you'll love this show. Full of laugh out loud moments it's also a satirical commentary on the role of religion and the contrasting fortunes of the rich west and not so rich African nations.  

Staff Writer

Having been wanting to see this for ages was very pleased & excited to get the opportunity. I have freinds who almost worship BOM & everyone i work with said its the funnieset thing ever - so expectations were very high.

However not sure if its me...... but the show was just OK. Had a few laughs & never thought Jefftrey Dahmer could be used in a song from a musical but it justv didn't float my boat.

Also probably the hottest I have ever been in a Theatre with people having to take layers of clothing off when entering. Made for very uncomfortable viewing & I actually fell asleep for short whiles in both halves - hardly a recommendation.



When your cheeks hurt from laughing so much in the first half alone, that part of you wonders for the safety of the future of your smile whether you should continue with the second half – that's when you know it's worth every penny. 

Yep, I risked my smile – which the 40 year old Mandy may have issues with in 13 years time. But right now, it was worth every wrinkle and cheek ache. And those are muscles that a gym can never exercise!

If you're a bit prude, then don't see this with your Nan. And maybe not with your mum or dad. Unless you're from a family that loves a bit of controversy. If you don't like swearing or mockery of religion, don't see this at all. But if you're willing to leave your morals at the door, you will not be disappointed. 

Amazingly talented cast, hilarious script/song writing and fantastic comedy. I'm already looking into when I can book tickets to go again.

Richard N

Don't see this if you're a prude or hate South Park with a vengeance. If you aren't, you'll probably have a very fun night out with out of this world scenes and some legitimately good songs thrown into the mix about Mormons and Africa. It's a musical that doesn't take itself seriously at all (much like the South Park movie) and with that, you should go in excited, because you'll leave entertained and begging for more. 

Samantha H

This is a musical for everyone with a sense of humour....even those who claim to hate musicals!  It definitely has a South Park feel about it and I wouldn't take my gran but if you are after a laugh, often in awkwardness because you dont know if you should or not, then this is the show to see!  I walked into the theatre half an hour before it started on a Saturday and got 2 tickets which had been returned, so miracles can happen!  I will book for the future though and am sure it will be just as good next time! 

Alanna S

Can't say this show fits everyone's sense of humour, but you will have fun. The X-rated musical has some catchy tunes and a talented cast. But the story is silly and the jokes sometimes pretty juvenile. If you love South Park, you'll dig this. If you don't...maybe not the show for you.


Almost believe the hype.

This is a very good show. Great songs, great dance routines, funny jokes. Yes, it is even a bit shocking, but it sets out to shock, which takes away some of the shock value. It is nicely subversive and it has a big heart - it pokes fun at religions in a more gentle way than one might expect. It is wonderfully camp and knowing, it makes fun of its own genre very well. Great value and a thoroughly enjoyable night out. The Prince of Wales is a very pretty theatre, too.

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