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NW1 isn't usually on the list of coastal getaways but, thanks to the ever-creative team at the Roundhouse, 'Camden Beach' is returning this summer with 900 square metres of pseudo-shoreline consisting of 150 tonnes of sand.

Installed on the venue's terrace, the free Camden Beach comes complete with deck chairs, beach huts and, as if you need telling, a fully stocked bar. You'll also find end-of-the-pier attractions (arcade games, air hockey, ping pong and the like), a blissfully stationary ice-cream van, and not one but two pop up restaurants: Made in Camden's Fishy Business – serving sea bass, mussels and fish and chips – and an American barbecue manned by Bubba of Arkansas Café renown. The beach has a family-friendly area open noon to 1pm from July 27 to August 24. Buckets and spades are welcome.

If you're hoping to pitch up for the special beach gigs, there are four to choose from. On August 2, there's a urban soul night with soul-folk songwriter Joel Baker, JJ Soulx, hip hop artist Cynikal and DJ Milo. On August 9, expect experimental guitarist Phil Maguire, fellow finger-picker Jack Allett and DJ Fauxlo. While on August 16, the indie acoustic night features Vanessa Gimenez, Sophie Blackburn and Ellekaye as well as a DJ set by Manish. Finally, August 23 offers up sunny reggae vibes from Whitney Williams, Iam1, Tempting Rosie and DJ Emmanuel.

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Patricia Smith


Awesome place to chill and relax while listening to music. Went there for the first time with my husband and son and had a GREAT time. The staff were really helpful towards us with showing us where the lifts were and toilets. It's so popular that you may have to queue for awhile but it's worth it.


I half expected the 'beach' to be full of football fans basking in the sun nailing cans of Super Tennants and this overriding fear dogged me as I stood in a queue that wouldn't have looked out of place on a Bank Hoilday Monday at Alton Towers. But to my surprise, it moved quickly and the doormen weren't the usual gatekeepers of fun that I'm used to seeing. When I got to the rooftop I stood corrected. I wouldn't go as far to say that I was transformed to South Beach, Miami but you certainly won't find better for the price of oyster fare! I really was certainly impressed. Great atmosphere, friendly staff, and a table tennis table that was difficult to negotiate my way around after my 5th Kopperberg. Deck chairs were out, kids were building sandcastles and as roof top activities in London go, this is one of the best.

candice lotter

After living in London for 8 years it began to loose its luster which kick started my Finding London adventure. I came across this little beach and a good day was had by all. Cow-a-bunga dudes!


Having just come back from a year abroad in Spain I can't say it lives up to the beaches over there, but it certainly takes away the heartbreak of no longer living in the Costa del Sol ! It's a beach in central London, it's what you'd expect, along with what you can't expect (constant sunshine) but it's definitely not something to miss.

Emily Kinder

Better than a day trip to Brighton! Even though I left a trail of sand on the London tubes... poor commuters!


Who needs to go on holiday, Camden's got a beach of its own! With this weather, the BBQ, slightly overpriced drinks and the peng people of Camden Town, its a "ya dun know" visit!


A great idea to get everyone out in the sunshine with a beer! With the chance to laze around in a deckchair and watch the sun go down whilst drinking some amazingly tasty cocktails it's a must go event! Sure it's not Ibiza but its free and a good use of the space! Also if you're thinking of going you have to try that pulled pork BBQ or duck sandwich, really good food!


If you're expecting the Costa del Sol or Koh Phi Phi you, unsurprisingly, will be disappointed. This 'beach' is exactly how you would expect to find it in North London. It's crowded, the bar is slow and expensive, and the weather is unreliable. Despite this, the opportunity to laze about in a deckchair with a bottle Koppaberg and the sun shining, so close to home, is not a prospect to be sniffed at. To top it all off entry is free. Go when the sun is shining and try to work out if taking your shirt off is appropriate or not.


Amazing experience up in North London. Especially during the day when it is not so crowded! Can't wait to go again!


The beach is great, really sunny, deck chairs, etc Do not eat at the fish restaurant - it is expensive and not great. Starters is all pre made nothing you couldn't get in a supermarket served with 1 small stale slice of brown bread. They brought our main courses over before we had finished starters dispite there only being two tables in the place and we were sat very near the chef/bbq area. Plates were cold so fish went cold straight away, mussels were really gritty and the sauce was non existance. Dessert was 1 scoop of ice cream.