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Colourscape is celebrating its 26th birthday at 2015's event on Clapham Common. Visitors to its colourful tunnels will experience something similar to being swallowed by a scene from 'Yellow Submarine'. Guests must choose a coloured cape before venturing into the enormous labyrinth to explore nearly an acre of space while daylight casts a rainbow glow through its walls.

Weekends see the addition of unusual musical performances, which really tip the experience into magical territory. This year the music begins with the 30 strong New London Chamber Choir (Saturday September 12th at 1pm-5pm) with Sunday's performance coming from a unique mix of poets and singers whose voices will be processed and manipulated by musical computer-wizards (Sunday September 13 1pm-5pm). The following week sees a focus on Women's Voices (Saturday September 19th, 1pm-5pm) and the festival finishes with 'Imagined Cities', Colourscapes new commission in which an accordionist, dancers and a 40 voice choir will spin a world of imaginary landscapes.

Naturally children will have a whale of a time, and weekdays are devoted mainly to colour and music workshops for schools, with public access only available between noon and 1pm.

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A great concept held in Clapham Common on an annual basis. A sensory experience utilising colour, light and music that is great and appeal to all ages. Wear a coloured cape and enter a series of different coloured tunnels merging into other to the sound of music. Each day during the festival there will be different artists performing and a central area where you the visitor can sit a watch as well. Great for photos. Only thing it can get quite hot inside but definite recommendation.


Where else can you hear such a range of exciting live contemporary music and feel so free and relaxed as in the amazing Colourscape space?

Barbara Higham

Magically enchanting. Have been back year after year to Rotherham and a couple of times in York. If you get the opportunity to see it, go!

Indy Bowles

I remember going to Colourscape on Clapham Common in the 80s with my parents, I'm looking forward so much to going again this year and taking my children!

Peter Jones

I`ve heard so many fascinating comments from people visiting Colourscape, from emotional insights, to colour perceptions, to spiritual states, to therapeutic reactions, to inspiring dancing, painting, the feeling of flying! - some people even saying they have had a life changing experience. It is an art for all ages and cultures which is joyful and harmonious.

Victoria Jones

After many years of showing Colourscape remains as amazing as ever - how ever much you think you remember the sensation, when you walk in, its breathtaking, you see colours you did not remember and the sense of being immersed in a dream - like space is powerful as if you are seeing it for the first time. Its good to be in Colourscape with so many others who you know are feeling similar - so a very positive experience. I`d recommend to anyone exploring your deep reactions to the colour and the organic space.


such an inspiring place to be come rain or shine. i love colurscape!everyone should experience it young and old....can't wait to visit again this year- i'm going to bring my 9 month old baby for the first time..:)


Daytrippers Charity come back to Colourscape every year to have their SEN day there. Daytrippers Children love it and find it really relaxing. We found out that the colour red has a really calming effect on children with autism. One person said, “What an amazing experience yesterday. It was magical and so sensory. We had a brilliant time and the staff were fabulous” You can check out the review here:


Colourscape is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings joy to young and old. I felt like a kid exploring something new for the first time which was refreshing - and my son did not want to leave. Highly recommended.

Jill Davies

Colourscape is an amazing experience, and with the wizardry and multiple recorders of Consortium5 it's even better!

David Stevens

I visit one or another of the Colourscape structures every year, and every time I'm amazed afresh! It is really one of those things that has to be experienced rather than talked about - neither words nor photos really do it justice. And kids especially love it.


Colourscape is a wonderful experience. You don't only see colours, but also feel them. It's enjoyable for everyone! It surprises every time you visit there, no matter how many times you've seen it! I strongly recommend it, as there is nothing like it.


I've been visiting Colourscape for nearly 15 years and yet it still takes me to a magical place and is a unique experience every time I visit. I really cannot wait to enjoy the wonder all over again this year.


A unique experience, both in the sun and in the rain! Well worth the entrance fee