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Butterfly Paradise
Animals in Action (© David Jensen / ZSL)
© David Jensen / ZSL
Penguin Beach (© ZSL London Zoo)
© ZSL London Zoo
Giraffe feeding time (© David Jensen / ZSL)
© David Jensen / ZSL
Slender loris carrying baby (© ZSL London Zoo)
© ZSL London Zoo
Tiger Territory (© Joel Ryan / ZSL )
© Joel Ryan / ZSL

The Duke Of Edinburgh, Bill Oddie, Geri Halliwell, officially opens (Duke of Edinburgh) male tiger Jae Jae and female tiger Melati, the new

Long Snouted Seahorse (© ZSL)
Flamingo (© Tristan Newkey-Burden)
© Tristan Newkey-Burden
Animals in Action (© Tristan Newkey-Burden)
© Tristan Newkey-Burden
 (© ZSL London Zoo)
© ZSL London Zoo
Elegance coral (©  Tim Wijgerde)
© Tim Wijgerde
London Zoo's half-term activities focus on poaching and wildlife-smuggling at a time when there is an unprecedented rise in such criminal activity. You and your nippers get a passport stamped at the Arrivals Gate, before being confronted with an ethical dilemma: what should you buy from the beachfront shopkeeper? Then its poacher-turns-gamekeeper, with high-vis vests and a chance to security search some very dodgy suitcases at Customs Control. Finally, at Keeper HQ, the children become zoo keepers, examining bags of illegal items and checking the ID of smuggled creatures. There will also be an exhibition of items – from medicines to jewellery – seized from the illegal trade in wildlife.
Event phone: 020 7722 3333
Event website: