Olympia, The London International Horse Show


Four legs good, 400 sets of four legs even better. Now in its 107th year, the equine world’s annual Christmas party will attract internationally acclaimed riders, Olympic Gold Medallists and horse-lovers from all over the country for world cup competitions, remarkable displays, festive entertainment and even a shopping village.

World number one dressage rider Charlotte Dujardin is expected to compete in defence of her title, as is Scottish showjumper Scott Brash and world champion extreme driver Boyd Exell. The Ukrainian Cossack Stunt Team will wow the crowds by piling people on galloping horses in ways that would make Legolas nervous, and the Mounted Branch of the Metropolitan Police will look a lot less sedentary than usual as they leap through flaming rings in their Activity Ride. And some unexpected events will pop up between the traditional horsing around, too – don't miss the Shetland Pony Grand National and the Kennel Club Dog Agility display.

Shopping opportunities include plenty of equestrian accessories, naturally, as well as fashion, jewellery, novelty items and even fine art. Performances run twice a day with an international equestrian competition in each session, so even if you prioritise the dog agility you'll get to see some full-size equestrian action, too. All sessions are suitable for all ages, though concession prices are only available for some of them. Visit the Olympia Horse Show website for details of the schedule and for prices.

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