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Your street food comes with a side of fun at this night market for those who like to eat on their feet

Street Feast returns to Kingsland Road in 2015 for a summer-long stretch of night markets for those who like to be seen eating. The tempting line-up of street food favourites includes flavour-packed Korean burritos from Kimchinary, delicate Taiwanese buns from Bao London, crisp fried chicken from Spit and Roast and juicy burgers from Mother Flipper, among many others. Eating on your feet is likely unless you've managed to snaffle a corner of one of the tables, lots of which are covered, but if you want to be sure of a seat to go with your dinner the table service at one of the Dalston Yard Diners might appeal. The Gin Store is back with its extensive spirit selection, while a new drinking opportunity comes in the form of a Tequila Treehouse. This is a food market that knows how to party.

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Alexandra C

Buzzing atmosphere and delicious food. A great place if you are with a big group of people and everyone likes different cuisine.

Amy L

I can't believe it took me so long to get myself to this place. I had visited various similar pop ups in the past, such as Feast and Dinerama, but this one blew all the others out of the water. So many different food and drink stalls, with some of the best food I've tasted. Ever. We started with a lobster roll from Bob's Lobster. To die for. At £10 a pop, I would be happy if I ate one of these every day for the rest of my life. We then had a selection of 3 tacos from Breddos. Not bad. Next we had a burrito from Kimchinary. Delicious. Followed by chilli chicken wings with blue cheese sauce - just spicy enough to make my eyes water but keep me coming back for more. The highlight of the night was the Bleecker Black burger from Bleecker Street. Two meat patties with black pudding in the middle. Holy Jesus. This takes the title of my #1 burger ever without debate!! We managed to wash the food down with several gin cocktails from the gin bar, beer from Meantime, and some red wine from the "Old World" wine stand. In summary: I freaking love this place!!! Countdown to next summer when it opens again!


Great place but £3 entry after 19.00, is not justifiable. Excellent street food with different stalls to choose from but a bit expensive. Try smoke stak for excellent pork burgers. Nice place also for drinks & cocktails.


Big fan of Street Feast. When we went most recently we struck gold finding a bench in the secret garden. Okay there was a fire right nearby that was spitting at us, but what's a few embers when you've found a SEAT at Streat Feast. B.O.B's lobtser had run out of lobster (come on now B.O.B this dish is your namesake) so I went for the three slider deal at the Slider Bar, along with some sweet potato fries from Bleecker St. Burger. It's safe to say I needed to be rolled outta the place, but trust me your tastebuds will appreciate it. Only criticism is that my veggie friend had a complete mare finding food, but I guess that's her choice for taking sides with the animals.




This year was my first experience of street feast and it will not be my last. Our game plan was to arrive early to find somewhere to sit then spend the evening working our way round every single stall. We quickly realised this was a tad too ambitious. It took me 2 days to recover from my street feast food coma. Breddos tacos three ways was the winner for me, the slider bar was an absolute treat and rola wala tantalised my taste buds. I will say it got a little pricey with drinks but it was well worth it. Don't forget to check out the secret garden before you leave too. I was a little disappointed there was no music to add to the atmosphere but that was the only down side for me. I can't wait to go back.


I love Dalston Yard and enjoyed it for the third year running. There is something about being in a ramshackle warehouse-type structure, sipping beer and sampling delicious foreign food that is the epitome of thoroughly enjoyable cool. And I'm not even a hipster!

We went during the late afternoon to catch the place in daylight as it turned to dark. It's definitely better in the dark, but then you can still catch a few rays of sunshine and get in for free if you go before 7pm so it worth doing so. You've also more chance of getting a seat.

With a, weekly changeable, good selection of food, there is a nice range for everyone to try though I would like to have seen more desserts (I have a sweet tooth!) and veggie stuff. The prices, like most of these foodie events are a little high and it's a shame there isn't more of a tapas offering so you can get small bits from different places without blowing the bank account. Saying that, I had £3 bottle of Sol and some rather tasty Japanese dumplings for just £3 though my ceviche was not as yummy as it promised and quite a lot at £7 a pop. A portion that would not fill you up particularly.

However, you can still eat and drink well for less than a meal in a decent mid-range restaurant and the atmosphere and creative use of space is totally free. So you can't really complain about that can you? 

Francisco C

This evening 01/08/2015 I was at The New World Wine Garden with friends,
I went downstairs to get some food for me and my friends and went I returned  the security guard refused to let me back in, saying I have not been before.

The guys saw me with the food in my hands I told to the guy that my friends and my jacket were upstairs and he told me that he didn't care and he didn't have to  let me in.

The guy grabbed  my writs and I told him  " don't touch me"  and the guy grabbed me  more tightly and he said he doesn't care.

He told me to calm down, I was very angry for having effectively been called a liar, he said I had not been upstairs, that he id not have to check with the bar staff, and that I had to leave.  I swore, and he called additional security, who had me removed.

Probably I should not have sworn, but I was angry at being disbelieved and treated abruptly and rudely, I had also spent money on bottles of wine and food which was waiting for me upstairs.

The security policy is excessive, unjust and inappropriate.  Their behaviour and treatment of paying customers is indiscriminate and poorly managed.  I will not be returning, and I would like to make a formal complaint about my treatment.

The Security Company should be sure it staff are clean and sober before and during their work shift

Here you can see the faces of the abusive security guard guys.

Laura Richards
Staff Writer

Can't get enough of Street Feast. Every year I'm keen to get along in the first week. The winter seems slow and sad without this space and I love passing a warm summer evening stuffing my face. Always good to be strategical and go with a big group early (and before 7pm to get in for free), grab a table and then you can graze all night. I usually start with tacos from Breddos or something from Yum Bun. Then I go in for a little snack (!) from BOB's Lobster and finish with my fave London burger from Bleecker St. Sometimes there's room for wings from MotherClucker too. Where else can you do all of that in one sitting?! 

Caroline M

Great to see Street Feast back at Dalston Yard which is my favourite venue. Go for the atmosphere and a tasting menu of what is reliably the best selection of street food in London. If you're starving and skint it might be wise to preload on a cheese sandwich. But anyone who loves to eat should come here at least once.


I like the idea. The food and drinks are awesome. But it's really overpriced and it lacks places to sit/green areas with tables and grass. Portions are really small, more like £5 tasters.

Marianna P

Positives: Excellent quality food, nice relaxing atmosphere!

Negatives: Although the food was delicious, the portions were very tiny and overpriced in my opinion. There could be some more music as well.  Good experience overall

Alys F

Went for the TimeOut opening and it was great! Good atmosphere, excellent selection of food and drink (the Smoke Stak ribs are awesome!). Wouldn't think its that good for vegetarians though- meat meat meat!

Jade C

Jane Colez 

Street Feast was great last time and amazing this time, once again unless you really hate food you probably should go..all time time, all summer. This year features Tequila Slushies, Duck Yum Buns with champagne slaw, The best fried chicken from mutha clucker you have ever eaten ever um, yes I said it - Get there early for the Lobster Mac and Cheese which sells out every time. And if you have space (make space) then. DONUTS.