The Color Run

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Jordan Mansfield
BRIGHTON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 20: Runners take part in the Color Run presented by Dulux, known as the happiest 5km on the planet on September 20, 2014 in Brighton, England. Runners of all shapes, sizes and speeds start wearing white clothing. At each kil
© Getty Images for Dulux
© Tom Dulat
© Tom Dulat

We can't help but imagine that having powdered paint showering over you as you take on a five-kilometre run must make things a lot slower, but for this particular race that simply doesn't matter. Participants in 'the happiest 5k on the planet' aren't expected to break any world records, because having a brilliant time is way higher on the agenda. In fact, the 20,000-odd runners won't even be timed – the finishing line simply marks the start of the Colour Festival, where the party continues with DJs entertaining the crowd. Of course by this point they'll be suitably attired, too. Having started off in white clothes, the runners will be pelted with brightly coloured (all-natural) powders at each kilometre marker with the end result somewhat reminiscent of a primary school art cupboard. All fitness levels are welcome – as are kids of all ages – as walking and dancing around the course are deemed perfectly acceptable alternatives to the traditional jogging option. If the paint sounds fun but you’re dubious about getting pelted you might prefer to volunteer for paint-throwing duties.

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