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  • Packet of Anti-baby condoms, German, 1980s © Science Museum, London

  • Sex Machines, by Timothy Archibald 'Dan and Jan Siechert, The Monkey Rocker, Bakersfield, California' © Photography by Timothy Archibald

  • Advertisement for the Institute of Sex Research © The Kinsey Institute

  • Veedee vibratory massager box, German, early 20th century © Science Museum, London and Wellcome Collection

  • Marie Stopes birth control clinic in caravan, with nurse, late 1920s © Wellcome Library, London

  • A camel composed of copulating humans, Gouache painting, 19th C, India © Wellcome Library, London

  • Back view of standing figure, nude except for stockings, Anonymous photograph from the Kinsey Institute Documentary Collection © The Kinsey Institute

  • Carved ivory statue, in the form of a copulating man and woman, Far Eastern © Science Museum, London

  • Detail of instructions for Clinocap brand diaphragms 1940-50s © Science Museum

  • Ivory shell, divides into two halves, on one half is a female genitalia, on the other is a carving of a female looking at an erotic picture, Oriental, © Science Museum

  • Jean-Martin Charcot demonstrating hysteria in a patient at the Salpetriere

  • Page with notes and diagrams titled “Definition of Coital Postures” © The Kinsey Institute

  • Porcelain fruit, hinged, contains male and female copulating, Oriental, © Science Museum, London and Wellcome Collection

  • Woman riding man, coloured postcard, from collection of Richard von Krafft-Ebing (1840-1902) © Wellcome Library, London

  • Veedee vibratory massager, with two attachments, German, early 20th Century © Science Museum, London and Wellcome Collection

  • Pottery vessel with handle, neck broken off, with a couple engaged in anal intercourse fashioned on top, Peruvian, © Science Museum, London and Wellcome Collection

  • Facade of the Mothers Clinic for Contructive Birth Control © Wellcome Library, London

  • Plate from 'The Secret Companion, a medical work on onanism or self-pollution' 1845 © Wellcome Library

  • Plaster impressions from seals showing erotic scenes © Science Museum, Wellcome Library, London

  • Wood and glass pillow book with twelve pictures painted on glass, complete with a mirror, Japanese © Science Museum, London

Packet of Anti-baby condoms, German, 1980s © Science Museum, London

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The Institute of Sexology 2014 - 2015

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