Autumn’s Supermarket Secrets

Wed Oct 30, 9-10pm, BBC2



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<strong>Rating: </strong>3/5

With the horsemeat scandal still relatively recent in our memories, an upsurge of documentaries looking into food production is unsurprising. Having covered summer a few months back, former greengrocer Gregg Wallace is back to do his bit, tracing from source to supermarket to investigate exactly how those pies, chickens and pumpkins get to our tables in the autumn months.

Put aside those Sweeney Todd ideas at once – no mystery meats are exposed here. Rather, it’s gentle reassurance backed up with indisputable facts from reasonable people. And although Gregg’s bolshy enthusiasm can border on the OTT (‘if the supermarkets considered it,’ he asks the poor pie chef, ‘would you consider making a pie without horse?’), this enthusiasm is much needed. ‘Supermarket Secrets’ is packed with good-to-know information, but can’t quite overcome a base blandness that lacks the kick to make it more than just good for our health.

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