Staying In with Greg and Russell

Wed Sep 25, 10-10.30pm, BBC3



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Episode one
The inexplicable cult of Russell Kane continues to find a refuge on BBC3, as the stand-up and his R1 DJ chum Greg James follow ‘Unzipped’ and ‘How to Win Eurovision’ with their first chat show. ‘Staying In’ is apparently filmed in a mock-up of the ‘man den’ they would live in if their tiresomely overemphasised bromance was ever consummated.

So celebrity guests including Tinie Tempah, Nicole Scherzinger and Chris ‘Thor’ Hemsworth can expect to be interviewed in anywhere from the kitchen to the broom cupboard. Sounds unmissable, eh? Poor old BBC3. While its documentaries, dramas and even comedies have improved stratospherically over time, its entertainment shows are stuck in creative quicksand (‘Russell Howard’s Good News’ is as wretched as it is popular), trying harder and harder while sinking faster and faster.

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