Miami craft beer guide

Microbreweries have finally made it to South Florida—sniff out the best artisan brews in the land of the cocktail with our guide to craft beer in Miami

Pull up a pew—and a craft brew—at Abbey Brewing Company

Craft beer may be taking other big cities around the world by storm, but it's still a newish phenomenon in Miami. Which is surprising, given the popularity of craft beer Miami events like Coconut Grove's Grovetoberfest, an annual October celebration of the city's craft beer scene, which regularly attracts around 7,000 drinkers. Nevertheless, it seems the hoppy stuff has taken the scenic route on its way to the subtropics.

Where to go for craft beer


Critics' pick

Sick of candy-colored martinis? Seek salvation in this hole-in-the-wall-turned-microbrewery, which offers rare European imports plus several own-made beers. Luckily, it didn’t lose its classic dive-bar soul in the conversion process—or the dartboard. It’s a fine place to meet the locals, and even better when preceded by a meal at Southern food star Yardbird right next door.

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South Beach

Fadó Irish Pub

For a perfectly poured Guinness, you’d be hard pressed to do better than Fadó, a family-friendly tavern in Mary Brickell Village. For those sitting on the outdoor deck, it’s Fido-friendly too. Everything about this casual eaterie screams "Erin Go Bragh!" from the all-day Irish breakfast and Gaelic steak boxty (a brandy-soaked slab of meat topped with onion, mushroom and green peppercorn sauce) to the live Irish music, which ranges from traditional to pop. Don’t be surprised to find Fadó’s doors open earlier than officially posted either; if there’s soccer or rugby on TV, they’re going to screen it.

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Off the beaten track in the ritzy South of Fifth (SoFi) area, the Room is something of a haven: a small, candlelit beer- and wine-only bar where it’s quiet enough to have an audible conversation (although the later it gets, the more incoherent the crowd becomes). The soundtrack beats to a decidedly different drum, fusing indie, retro and offbeat.

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South Beach


Esti B
Esti B

don't forget The Mighty (on Coral Way) (all 12 taps feature hard to come by craft beer), and over 50 micro-brands in bottles.