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Mother's Day photo contest 2013: Enter to win an Oasis Spa gift card

Submit a picture of Mom and her kids in our Mother's Day photo contest for a chance to win a spa treatment at Oasis Day Spa.

  • Aisha with Clarke, 4, and Haiden Camille, 6 weeks, from Brooklyn

  • Alishia with Alyssa Jade, 9, from Fresh Meadows, NY

  • Andrea with Derek, 6, from Brooklyn

  • Beth with Olivia, 2, from Midwood, Brooklyn

  • Bunny with Chazz, 7, from Greenwich Village

  • Channon with Mirren, 5, from South Park Slope

  • Mother Christina, Grandmother Anne, Great-Grandmother Wang Shih with Io, 2, from Flatiron

  • Derek, with Byron, 8, from Queens, NY

  • Gita with Nyra, 3, from Kensington, Brooklyn

  • Inna and Robyn with Ryder, 1, and Quentin, 9, from Massapequa Park, NY

  • J with Emperor, 16 months, from East Harlem

  • Jennice with Isabel, 4, from Glendale, NY

  • Jennifer with Clover, 4, from the Upper West Side

  • Jessica with Layla, 7, from Kew Gardens Hills, NY

  • Kelly with Drew, 10, and Matthew, 8, Battery Park

  • Melissa with Lorenzo, 6, from Inwood

  • Milena with Penny, 20 months, from Brooklyn

  • Mi Nam Lee with Adam, 12, from Gramercy

  • Monique with Logan, 4, from Gramercy Park

  • Sara, with Vanessa, 8, from Harlem

  • Serena with Maya, 5, and Emma, 22 months, from Brooklyn

  • Shana with Lexie, 4, from Jersey City, NJ

  • Simona with Janelle 4, and Lyla, 5, from Marlton, NJ

  • Takiyah with Trinity, 5, from Harlem, NY

  • Talise with Sam, 8, from Riverdale, Bronx

  • Alicia with Giovanni, 2, From Shirley, NY

  • Picasa

    Amynah with Sinan, 3, From Forest Hills

  • Candice with Elijah and Naomi, From Brooklyn

  • Catherine with Riley, 4, from Battery Park City

  • Courtney with Carter, 5, From New York

  • Denise with Jazen, from Brooklyn

  • Donna with Mikayla from Staten Island

  • Elsa with Samantha, 2, Jersey City

  • Gisela with Alyana, 3, From Noroton Heights, CT

  • Jill with Jake, 1, from Plainview, NY

  • Jean with Timothy, 3, from Great Neck

  • Kathleen with Cailey, 6, Ysabel, 4, From New Rochelle, NY

  • Kristin with Harrison, 2, from Chelsea

  • Kristine with Isabella, 4, From Soho

  • Lissa with Charlotte, 2, From the Upper West Side

  • Liza with Lorenzo, 5, From the Bronx

  • Magdalena with Victoria, 8, From Flatbush, Brooklyn.

  • Marina with Sasha, 4, From Brooklyn

  • Monica with Malini, 4, Naya, 1, from Battery Park City

  • Nancy with Elizabeth, 2, from Astoria Queens

  • Priscila with Lucas, 2, from Queens

  • Rashida with Ani, 6, from Washington Heights

  • Robin with Shawn, 13, From The Bronx

  • Sandra with Gabriel, 4, From Manhattan

  • Sofia with Samuel, 7, and Gabriel, 4, from Washington Township, NJ

  • Cindy with Frank, 2, and Leo, 1 month from Williamsburg

  • Emily with Liam, 2, from the Upper West Side

  • Robbi with Ellery, 20 months, From Peter Copper Village

  • Whalesska with Nayelli, 7 and Nathaniel, 2 from Kips Bay

  • Anna with Amanda, 9, and Margaret, 8, from Morristown, NJ

  • Karen with Martin, 9 months, from Morningside Heights

  • Marina with Sasha, 4, from Washington Heights

  • Navaz with Kai, 3, from West Harlem

  • Picasa

    Sheiley with Raphael, 1, from The Upper East Side

  • Monika with Sofie Lola, 12 weeks, from Gramercy Park

  • Picasa

    Jean with Jacob, 3 months, From Great Neck

  • Erica with Rory, 3, from Harlem

  • Maria with SYannah, 4, from the Bronx

  • Star with Javier, 12, from Stamford, CT

  • Stacy with Eli, 8 months, from Brianwood, NY

  • Archana Punna with Aarav Shriram, 4, from NJ

  • Danielle with Mark, 5, from Sheepshead Bay

  • Melinda with Brielle, 7, NJ

  • Veronika with Logan, 9, Wayatt, 6, and Matilda, 3, from The Upper West Side

  • Andrea with Allegra, 6 Months, from Brooklyn

  • Angel with Lucian, 5 months, from Queens

  • Cyd with Kenzie, 6 months, Ashton, 1 and Marc, 6, from The Bronx

  • Elizabeth with Raquel, 8, from Yonkers, NY

  • Lisbeth with Camila, 4, and Lailah, 4, from The Bronx

  • Nadia with Aidan, 11 months, from Mount Vernon, NY

  • Sabrina with Lila, 3 and Amanda, 4, from Howard Beach, NY

  • Stefanie with Brody, 4, from The Upper East Side

  • Stella with Zemi, 5, from Bay Ridge

  • Helwa with Khalisah, 6, from Yonkers, NY

  • Sandra with Atticus, 5, Manhattan

Aisha with Clarke, 4, and Haiden Camille, 6 weeks, from Brooklyn

Do you know a super-special mom? Submit a picture of your favorite mom with her child (or children) in our Mother's Day photo contest to enter for your chance to win a $150 gift certificate to Oasis Day Spa! You can also click through our slide show, above, to see the cute entries we've already received.

1. E-mail photos to kidsphotocontest.ny@timeout.com along with the mom's name, child's first name and age, and neighborhood by May 19, 2013.
2. Post your picture on Instagram with the hashtag #TOKMothersDay, including the mom's name, child's first name and age, and neighborhood by May 19, 2013. Note: You must have a public Instagram account to enter the contest via Instagram.

We'll post our top ten pictures on May 22, 2013, from which readers can vote for their favorite. Check back on June 3, 2013, to see the winner!

Click here to see the official rules!


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