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Middle schools

M.S. 114 East Side Middle School

1458 York Avenue. Grades 6–8.

What's special: Challenging academics served with kindness and warmth.

Downside: Cramped building with narrow hallways.

Reading scores:5 stars

Math scores:5 stars

East Side Middle School has become one of the most popular and successful middle schools in the city under the steady leadership of Principal David Getz. The school has about 350 students, and the low enrollment has allowed East Side Middle to foster an environment where academics count, but so do kindness and familiarity among students and staff. Housed on the top two floors of an elementary school, P.S. 158, the physical plant of East Side Middle leaves a lot to be desired: the corridors are narrow and the classrooms are cramped. But the staff is cohesive, the kids seem happy and the atmosphere combines hard work and fun. Read the full review from Insideschools.org

490 Hudson Street. Grades 6–8.

What's special: Extensive music and sports programs.

Downside: Wagner's size may overwhelm some students.

Reading scores:5 stars

Math scores:5 stars

With nearly 1,400 pupils, Wagner is the largest and most traditional middle school in District 2. The advantage of the size is the facilities and course offerings not available at a smaller school. The potential downside is the lack of individual attention for children—and their parents. The administration strives to make the most of the school's many resources while minimizing the chance that students will get lost in the crowd. Read the full review from Insideschools.org


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