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Upper West Side

An avenue-by-avenue guide to the most family-friendly area outside Orlando.

A stroll-worthy stretch along West 95th Street.

Photograph: Imogen Brown

It's a whole lot easier to list what's not geared toward kids on the Upper West Side: Ouest, Barneys Co-op, Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, Dive Bar. Done.

The venerable Manhattan nabe, sandwiched between Central Park and Riverside Park as perfectly as the creme in an Oreo, is brimming with so many tot-focused shops, eateries, museums and play spaces that grown-ups can feel like too-tall interlopers. But there's no better place for a weekend family walk than these leafy streets lined with grand Beaux Arts apartment buildings and Italianate brownstones. Just don't try to cover the area in one sweep; pick a single avenue to stroll down, and take your time.

Amsterdam Avenue stroll | Columbus Avenue stroll | Broadway stroll
UWS playgrounds | Neighborhood schools

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