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Upper West Side

An avenue-by-avenue guide to the most family-friendly area outside Orlando.

Neighborhood schools

Elementary school
154 W 93rd St, Upper West Side. 212-222-1450. Grades K--8.
What's special: Unusual level of parent involvement.
Downside: Atmosphere may be too relaxed for some children.
Reading scores:4 stars
Math scores:5 stars
Manhattan School for Children, housed in the former Joan of Arc Junior High School, is a relaxed, laid-back place where kids wear caps backwards and call teachers by their first names. Parents come right to the classroom to drop off their children, and parents are welcome, even in the middle school... Read the full review from Insideschools.org
Middle school
735 West End Ave, Upper West Side. 212-866-6313. Grades 6-8.
What's special: Innovative curriculum, caring community.
Downside: Cramped quarters on top floor of elementary school.
Reading scores:4 stars
Math scores:4 stars
"We are a community. We stick together like peanut butter and jelly," said a second grader, whose teacher, Robin Berg, captured the phrase and posted it on the blackboard, along with other pithy sayings of her students... Read the full review from Inside Schools
High school
108 Amsterdam Avenue, Upper West Side. 212-496-0700. Grades 9--12.
What's special: A haven for artists with a nice racial mix.
Downside: The size of the school can be overwhelming.
LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts is a highly selective, widely acclaimed school that trains students for the country's best art schools and music conservatories, as well as for conventional academic colleges and universities...Read the full review from Inside Schools

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