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Kid confidential: Luna, 8, and Sola, 5, Carroll Gardens

Two young Brooklynites chat about cats, books and Toys Time.

Luna and Sola

Luna and Sola Photograph: Tory Williams

What are your cats' names?
L Tito and Kiki.

Do they mean anything?
L No, they were actresses in Japanese movies. We got Kiki a long time ago when our old cat died. So we got a new one, which was Tito.
S I don't want to talk about the cat!

We don't have to talk about the cat. 
S He's up there in the flower box and he's tiny now...

Luna, I hear you love to read.
L You should see my bed; I have lots of books. I finish a book in one day and then I just pull out another one.

I heard you have a Nook, too!
L Uh-huh, for my birthday! It's got a lot of books. I've already finished almost all of the books on it.

What are your favorite subjects at school?
L Art. We're making a mural.
S I love toys time!

What's toys time?
L We have toys at our school, and every Friday we have toys time where we can play art, or Legos and puzzles.
S And blocks!

Do you go to the same school?
L Yeah.
S No.

Sola: "I was Spider-Man Girl."

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