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Kid confidential: Trajan, 3, West Village

This little Manhattanite is a big fan of playing with trucks and going to the zoo. 

Kid Confidential, Trajan Bea

Kid Confidential, Trajan Bea Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

That sounds fun. Have you ever been on a school bus?
No. Not really. Oh no, the train's going into the water!

Oh no! That's not where trains go.
No. Boats go in the water. I need to fix the track. Let's play cranes. I'm going to drive the crane. You can't come on.

What should I do while you play cranes?
You can play with trains on the floor. This is Cranky the crane.

What does Cranky do?
He turns, see? Oh no! He fell over.

I hear that you went to the zoo today.
Yes, I did. We saw monkeys. They were on the trees and they scratched themselves.

Did you see any other animals while you were there?
I saw penguins. And I saw some polar bears, too. They were sleeping.

What's your favorite animal?
Polar bears aren't my favorite. I saw a lion.

Are lions your favorite animal?
No. They bite people. I like elephants.

"Your toenails aren't painted! Why be a girl if you don't paint your toenails?"

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