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Candy stores for NYC kids

Satisfy little sweet tooths at these eight candy shops.

Yeah, yeah, we know...sugar is the enemy and too many sweets will rot your teeth. But once in a while, a treat is in order, and these New York candy shops really deliver. From throwback classics to new favorites from around the world, the selection at these candy stores for NYC kids is enough to send you on a sugar high. We can think of at least 21 reasons NYC kids are the best—and we think that warrants a sweet surprise.

Candy stores for NYC kids

Aigner Chocolates

This Forest Hills candy kitchen has been sating the confectionary cravings of Queens residents since 1930. Upon entering the tiny shop, kids are greeted by the scent of wafting cocoa and by helpful staff who guide them through the process of choosing the delights in front of them. Austrian chocolates crafted with rich centers are the shop’s centerpieces, but tots who’d rather save their choco-fixes for a Hershey’s bar can try vibrantly hued marzipan creations instead.

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Forest Hills

Dewey’s Candy

Alison “Dewey” Oblonsky’s white-walled candy lair brims with old-fashioned charm, from the whimsical lollipop chandelier overhead to the barrels and jars of sweets reminiscent of a general store. Despite its small size, Dewey’s is well-stocked with childhood classics, such as Nerds, Pixy Stix and Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, but Oblonsky has a brazen side, too. For Halloween, she goes all out with orange Pop Rocks, gummy candy corn and bags of “blood” filled with cherry juice. Little ones may never settle for mini Snickers bars again.

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Economy Candy

Since 1932 Economy Candy has been selling sweets, including the entire line of Joyva products, on the LES.

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Lower East Side


At this Little Italy treat shop, kids can ogle more than swirled lollipops and tins of exotic hard candy. All day long, the friendly chefs behind the counter at Papabubble roll huge mounds of malleable confections into colorful patterned bands—some with a tasty strip of chocolate at their center—and cut them into bite-size pieces, a spectacle almost as delightful as the sugary snacks themselves.

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The London Candy Company

Good luck getting budding Anglophiles to leave this Upper East Side candy mecca, a shrine to the not-typically-seen sweets savored by boys and girls across the pond. Not surprisingly, candy giant Cadbury has a starring role among the well-known United Kingdom imports—Tootsie Roll hankerings need to be indulged elsewhere—but you’ll also stumble upon novelties. Strands of strawberry-flavored Loopy Laces, squishy Jelly Babies, and cocoa cream–filled Happy Hippo biscuits, for example, may leave curious kids clamoring for a trip to Buckingham Palace instead of Disney World.

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Upper East Side

Williams Candy

A day at the beach isn’t the only reason to head to Coney Island. Instead of a sand pail, bring an appetite the next time you’re boardwalk-bound to indulge in the wares of Williams Candy (open year-round), the nostalgic shop next to Nathan’s. A piece of fudge or a lollipop may seem like a fitting end to a filling lunch of hot dogs and crinkle fries, but your crew will want to save room for one of Williams’s more retro-inspired specialties: shiny caramel apples coated in sprinkles, or sticks of fluffy campfire marshmallows dipped in chewy caramel and peanuts.

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Here the selection of Scandinavian treats is dizzying—more than 140 different kinds fill the bins lining the walls. Kids will delight at filling their own bag of brightly colored candies, from sour octopi (sura blackfiskar) to salty licorice tigers (salta tiger huvud). And you can feel good about the fact that all of Sockerbit's sweets are free of trans fats and artificial colorings. FYI: sockerbit means "sugar cube" in Swedish. The storefront also carries pantry items (Swedish meatball mix, crisp bread and cloudberry jam) and designer ceramics.

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West Village



A personal favorite of mine, http://itsugar.com/, has a bunch of stores around the city. I walk in there and I feel as if I were dropped inside of a disney movie. I'm more of a sugary candy lover than chocolate, and they fill my cravings perfectly! But they do have both sugary candies and chocolate for all of those chocolate lovers out there.