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Kiddie Cruise: A Princess and Pirate Adventure

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Until Sun Oct 13 2013

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  • I can not give any stars. It is over priced, dirty, and unacceptable

    Mary Jo Sat Aug 31 2013
  • To Whom It May Concern: Hello my name is Mary Jo and I bought the Kiddie Cruise... I must say I am very very Upset. My grand daughter, daughter in-law and I, along with a friend and her daughter went on the cruise. We arrived at the pier on Sunday August 25th, and the first thing I noticed was the not dirty, but filthy windows.. Said to myself this is for the kids keep an open mind.. As we aboard things did not go well. Once inside it was black dark and dirty!!!!! Yes they had many activities for the little ones, and how excited they were.. We went for the arts n crafts first in the lower level.. As they were doing arts n crafts I stood on a huge line for face painting (on one!. Face painter for everyone). They ate lunch served in a brown paper bag, with nothing to wash done the food..had to purchase water for $4.00, unheard of to charge this amount after the amount they charge!!!!.!.!. As we were there they saw a puppet show, which they enjoyed very much.. The face painting was indeed the best party she was amazing.. We left and went upstairs for more activity.. Well we missed the dance, due to the long long line for the face painting..so we gathered and went up another level to see a malice show.. Who hired this man??? Talk about racist...he picked from the crowd of children to assist him four times..not once did he pick anyone other than African .....I along with other moms and dads were quite upset... He did balloons for the, what a joke he only knew how to make a sword for the boys heart for the girls and a dog... I would not advise anyone to go on this cruise, from the amount they charge,how dirty and not planed for everyone. Sincerely A very upset grandmother Mary Jo

    Mary Jo Sat Aug 31 2013