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Madison Square Kids Concerts

Madison Square Kids Concerts Photograph: Courtesy Madison Square Park Conservancy

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Rated as: 4/5 (1 rating)
  • REVIEW OF JAZZREACH PRESENTS ELLINGTON! : MAD. SQ. KIDS Concert on July 10, 2014 As a single, unaccompanied adult not allowed in the fenced-off enclosure in Madison Square Park because none of the children inside were mine, I was not able to sit or stand on the lawn for the July 10 Jazzreach Presents Ellington Mad. Sq. Kids Concert. However, the (“for the safety of children”) sign at the entrance did not stop me from sitting on the benches outside or circling the area’s perimeter to observe and hear what I could of the band and the various reactions of the kids to it. From the start with the orchestration of the famous classic “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)” I was a little disappointed that it was just instrumental and there was no singer to the music. But the kids (mostly ranging between toddlers to 5-year-olds) were dancing about, jumping up and down and having a good time. It was fun to watch this "kiddie concertfest." I can only imagine how rambunctious they would have become if the Duke Ellington look-alike host actually sang! The band consisted of five competent players (double bass, electric keyboard, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone and drummer) and a technician. The host provided commentary and education on this “groundbreaking African-American” musical legend, as was said more than once if groups of kids were arriving late. The concert lasted 45 minutes and was enjoyable to hear. There were various refreshment stands for camp groups to patronize and the most stroller parking I have ever seen in my life. Duke would have been proud that his music was brought to people so young.

    Sylvia Scalia Sat Jul 12
    Rated as: 4/5