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Park Slope

This family Shangri-La's bad reputation is merely a conspiracy to keep the crowds at bay.

Dave Egger's top secret tutoring center
Boing Boing

Fun shops

Superboys and Wonder Girls can try on capes in front of a wind machine to see how they’d look in action at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. (372 Fifth Ave, 718-499-9884). That feature alone is enough to sell us on the spot, but push back a secret set of shelves and—kazam!—you’ll find yourself in the hidden headquarters of 826NYC, a nonprofit writing program for kids ages six to 18, cooked up by onetime Brooklynite Dave Eggers.

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If your tween is into knitting, she’ll love fingering the skeins at Stitch Therapy (176 Lincoln Pl, 718-398-2020), a cozy nest just off the crowded Seventh Avenue sidewalk. Less calm but equally appealing is the tiny, overflowing Toy Space (426 Seventh Ave, 718-369-9096), where busy mothers and fathers buy non-tacky gifts (think Haba wooden trains and Rody inflatable horses) on their way to a birthday party. Newer moms make regular pilgrimages to Boing Boing (204 Sixth Ave, 718-398-0251) to stock up on breast-feeding supplies, try on slings and carriers, and purchase Sophie La Girafe ($20), the nontoxic-rubber teething toy that every self-respecting Park Slope six-month-old must own.

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