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Park Slope

This family Shangri-La's bad reputation is merely a conspiracy to keep the crowds at bay.

Report card on the schools

The best-known area school is P.S. 321, on Seventh Avenue between 1st and 2nd Streets (check out the flea market held in its playground every weekend). But that’s not the only game in town, assures Joyce Szuflita, a Park Slope mom and Brooklyn school search consultant (nycschoolhelp.com). South Slopers are especially proud of P.S. 10, on Seventh Avenue at 17th Street. “Instead of focusing on the one school that everyone wants to get into,” Szuflita says, “parents are working on improving the ones that might have been overlooked.”

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Elementary school
180 7th Avenue, Park Slope. 718-499-2412. Grades K--5.
What's special: Ramped up attention to math has strengthened an already powerful academic curriculum.
Downside: Large, overcrowded school.
Reading scores:5 stars
Math scores:5 stars
For decades, PS 321 has been regarded as one of the finest elementary schools in the city. Known for its strength in teaching reading and writing, the school is now making a push to fortify its math and science programs, elevating them to the same level as the literacy curriculum... Read the full review from Insideschools.org
Middle school
350 Fifth Avenue, Park Slope. 718-369-7603. Grades 6-8.
What's special: Rich arts curriculum.
Downside: Math and science offerings need more rigor to match humanities classes.
Reading scores:5 stars
Math scores:5 stars
Long known as a school with a strong humanities program and outstanding performing arts, MS 51 draws many of District 15's highest-achieving students... Read the full review from Inside Schools
High school
237 Seventh Avenue, Park Slope. 718-788-1514. Grades 11--12.
What's special: Prime location in Park Slope.
Downside: Chaotic atmosphere; one of the worst drop-out rates in the city.
John Jay High School, a long-troubled, large neighborhood school that became a school of last resort for students from all over Brooklyn closed in 2004....Read the full review from Inside Schools
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