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Park Slope

This family Shangri-La's bad reputation is merely a conspiracy to keep the crowds at bay.

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330 18th Street, Park Slope. 718-965-0390. Grades 6--8.
What's special: Rich arts and strong academics.
Downside: No physical education for 6th graders; limited after-school sports.
Reading scores:4 stars
Math scores:5 stars
Housed on the top two floors of a 100-year-old elementary school building, New Voices has a rich arts program, strong academics, and a family-like atmosphere... Read the full review from Insideschools.org
350 Fifth Avenue, Park Slope. 718-369-7603. Grades 6--8.
What's special: Rich arts curriculum.
Downside: Math and science offerings need more rigor to match humanities classes.
Reading scores:5 stars
Math scores:5 stars
Long known as a school with a strong humanities program and outstanding performing arts, MS 51 draws many of District 15's highest-achieving students. The pride of the school is its "talent" program... Read the full review from Insideschools.org
544 7th Avenue, Park Slope. 718-788-4482. Grades 6--8.
What's special: Young, energized teachers; internships and arts programs.
Downside: Low parent involvement.
Reading scores:3 stars
Math scores:4 stars
Rich arts programs, honors classes, and a strong teaching staff make MS 88 an increasingly attractive alternative to District 15's selective... Read the full review from Insideschools.org
237 7th Avenue, Park Slope. 718-832-4201. Grades 6--12.
What's special: Model UN program sends kids abroad.
Downside: Some dingy classrooms; metal detectors.
Reading scores:3 stars
Math scores:3 stars
One of three 6-12 schools in the John Jay Educational Complex, the Secondary School for Journalism offers middle and high-school students a structured environment... Read the full review from Insideschools.org
237 7th Avenue, Park Slope. 718-832-4250. Grades 6--12.
What's special: A 6th-12th grade program.
Downside: Limited Advanced Placement courses.
Reading scores:2 stars
Math scores:3 stars
John Jay Secondary School for Law is one of three small schools in the building that once housed John Jay High School, a failing school that closed in 2004. With freshly-painted apple-green and sky blue hallways and a bright, renovated lunchroom... Read the full review from Insideschools.org
237 7th Avenue, Park Slope. 718-832-4300. Grades 6--12.
What's special: Dedicated faculty and administrators committed to developing student leadership and core academics.
Downside: Dispiriting building with metal detectors at entrance.
Reading scores:2 stars
Math scores:4 stars
Principal Jill Bloomberg contacted Insideschools to update the school's four-year graduation rate, which rose to 74 percent in 2008, she said. Budget shortfalls have led to larger classes in the small (100 students in three grades) middle school, but each middle-school class is led by two teachers... Read the full review from Insideschools.org
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