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Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days

As it celebrates its 40th anniversary, Sesame Street releases a greatest hits collection on DVD.

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Photograph: Courtesy of Sesame Workshop

Has it really been four decades since the world first made its way to the neighborhood where the air is sweet? Time sure does fly when you’re teaching generation after generation their letters, numbers and how to polish off cookies like a manic blue monster. This stroll down memory lane is truly a greatest-hits collection of clips: It features "It’s Not Easy Being Green," Ernie’s rubber ducky ditty, Elmo’s first sketch and cameos by everyone from C-3PO to Robert De Niro.

Parents may find themselves dizzy with nostalgia over the early segments (remember when Oscar was orange?), while their offspring will wonder why Gordon, Bob, Maria and the other humans are sporting such funny hairdos and outfits. In addition to charting the eras’ fashions and the gradual evolution of the Muppets, this set points up how consistent the program has been since its inception. Some things never go out of style—namely, establishing children’s moral foundation and educating impressionable minds in a remarkably fun manner. The same elements that made the show must-see kids’ TV back in the day are still front and center today. Passing on Street knowledge for that long is quite a feat; here’s to the next 40 years of sweepin’ the clouds away.—David Fear

Sesame Street: 40 Years of Sunny Days Genius Entertainment. $30. Available Nov 10.

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