Timeout New York Kids

Make the most of your city


State Fair Meadowlands

Things to Do

Circuses & magic

Various venues

Until Mon Jul 7

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  • New York city is the best city in U.S because it has MTA transit, great restaurants and very famous places to go and learn about all culture of all different kind of people. However, you can easy to commute to any places without a car. For the time being, gas price is so high and staying in NY is to save your money. Especially, State of New York Government care about the people who lives in NY, to be happy life and healthy . They built, repaired, maintain the ancient things like Brooklyn Bridge,Statue of liberty , and so on.The restaurants that in NY are amazing taste, good price and 24 hour open even the pharmacy stores. Because of the people who care about our city , make other people to be attractive and take care of everything like neighbors, our enviroment, to be clean and nice. We who live in City earn million of dollors from making a flim in New York.These money goes to what ever needs for people.Some other earning is the tour

    Jessica Win Tue Jul 1
  • STATE FAIR MEADOWLANDS has everything for everyone and that's NOT an exaggeration. Kids will love the rides and games and snacks and ALL the attractions. Grown-ups and Seniors, especially those who are "young at heart", will enjoy all that the Fair has to offer, whether or not they choose to go on the rides. The STATE FAIR MEADOWLANDS is ONE place that is sure to please folks from 1 to 100. But why not see for yourself? You'll LOVE it!

    wendy lee klenetsky Fri Jun 20