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The Final Funktier, Jungle Gym and Enter Sandbox

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Recess Monkey
The Final Funktier
Monkey Mama, $15.
Having already conquered Earth, the group takes to outer space with their sixth album, an intergalactic dance party that will have your kids ditching their sneakers for “Moon Boots” and starting an interstellar line dance (“Constellation Conga”). “The Galax Sea” is the most lavish of the 15 tracks, thanks to a choir of kiddie rockers including Morgan Taylor (Gustafer Yellowgold).

Justin Roberts
Jungle Gym
SRP, $16.
Musically speaking, no one explores childhood nuances better than Justin Roberts. Whether it’s bidding the bunk bed farewell for one night in the trumpet-laden “Sleepoverland,” dealing with a broken limb in the ballad “Sign My Cast” or getting stuck as “goose” in the frenzied “We Go Duck,” Roberts spins pop-rock gold from the fabric of everyday life.

Enter Sandbox
SRP, $10.
Take the drama of Deep Purple (“Bike”), add in shades of Pink Floyd’s grandeur (“Spread Your Wings”), and toss in some of the spoken/sung/screamed vocalizing of a G-rated Faith No More (“My Name Is No”), and you’ve got the sophomore CD from this quintet of New Jersey dads. Searching for kiddie music reminiscent of your classic-rock-lovin’ youth? Look no further.

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