Photos of graffiti: Bathrooms in New York City

Find pictures of graffiti in New York City bathrooms, as well as the best art and tags that NYC’s toilets have to offer.



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Max Fish

Photograph: Stefano Giovannini

There’s something quintessentially New York about a graffiti-strewn bathroom. So to continue our documentation of this city’s finest sights (for more photos of graffiti, check out the best subways for street art and the Goldie and Tats Cru mural in the Bronx), we descended into Gotham’s dives and hot spots—and more specifically, their restrooms—to snap shots of the coolest tags and wall art around. During our search for photos of graffiti, we found classic downtown-punk decor (Max Fish), neato collages (Pine Box Rock Shop) and much more.

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