My Perfect Weekend: Logan Weeks

New York street interviews: We ask New Yorkers what they like to do on their days off.


Logan Weeks, 18
Bushwick, Brooklyn

Photograph: Paul Wagtouicz

“I’ve taken the Staten Island Ferry(South St at Whitehall St;; free) a bunch of times just to look at the view of New York City and see the Statue of Liberty. It’s a good place to chill. Just sit on the outside so you have a better view.”


“I really like the club Avenue(116 Tenth Ave between 17th and 18th Sts; 212-337-0054, They play really fun, exhilarating music. I go in with a promoter so I don’t pay. I don’t have his info, so I couldn’t really help you with that.”

Photograph: Virginia Rollison

“I sit at Pier 17(Fulton St at Water St; 212-732-8257, in Manhattan a lot. I like the view of Brooklyn, it’s beautiful at night. It really helps me unstress my mind, just helps me think.”

Photograph: Courtesy Steak Frites

“There’s this really cool restaurant called Steak Frites(9 E 16th St between Fifth Ave and Union Sq West; 212-675-4700, It’s really mellow, kind of casual dress, and the waiters were really nice. I ordered the filet mignon ($27). It was expensive but it was worth it.”

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