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Shop for breakfast at the perennially busy Boulangerie J Multari. Look for its
mint-green façade and, inevitably, a queue of shoppers stretching out into the street. Try to arrive early (they open at 6am, but any time before 10am is fine), not to beat the crowds (you should expect a small queue at any time of day) but to ensure that you get the full choice of croissants, brioches, cakes and tarts that are freshly baked here every morning. The choice, which is immaculately arranged in antique display cabinets beneath sky-blue ceiling frescoes, is large, but the patience of the busy staff is notoriously short. In other words, it's best to have an idea of what you want before you step inside.

Most of your fellow shoppers will be in here for a baguette or two, a handful of croissants - that sort of thing. But this is a special outing, which calls for something a little more fancy than the average morning gap-filler. Why not, for example, a raspberry-filled croissant or feuilleté? Or the rich caramelised sugar rush of a mini tarte aux pommes? Fluffy wheels of pain aux raisins are dotted with plump currants, while beneath them, phalanxes of cream- and fruit-filled pastries join ranks with more elaborately teetering stacks of confectioner's custard and gossamer layers of choux pastry.

Resist the breads for the time being - although take note of some of the more unusual varieties, all baked on 'pierre naturelle', as you may want to grab a loaf before shipping out to the airport. Get your breakfast bagged up, then set off in an easterly direction
along rue de la Liberté.

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Boulangerie J Multari details

2 rue Alphonse Karr

Area Nice

Telephone 04 93 80 00 31

Open 6am-8pm Mon-Sat.

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