The 100 best bars in Paris

The best places to drink in Paris, reviewed by experts



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The city's 10 best...

  • © Camille Griffoulières

    After hours bars

    When the cock starts to crow, there'll still be plenty of places buzzing in the city of light. Our guide to Paris's best late-night bars and after-hours drinking
  • Al fresco bars

    Grab your Ray-Bans and your Gauloises and prepare to strike a pose: summer in Paris is all about seeing and being seen on these beautiful terraces
  • © Camille Griffoulières

    Cheap bars

    Don't think that you can't drink well on a budget in Paris. We've hunted out the best of the boozers that promise good times for slender wallets
  • © DR

    Cocktail bars

    Sipped from superior speakeasy-inspired mixology menus or necked in colourful boozers with a twist: in all these bars, the cocktail is king
  • © Camille Griffoulières

    Dance bars

    How to drink, dance and have a good time without having to go clubbing? Here's where you can get a drink and bust a move, all under one roof
  • © CG

    Eclectic and eccentric bars

    From glam rockers to a bar with a bed in it, check out some of Paris's most unconventional watering holes
  • © Nate Bolt

    Live music bars

    Paris is a breeding ground for surprising musical talent: check out the city's greatest places to grab a bière and catch an unsigned band
  • Pubs

    Beer gets a better deal in Paris than you might expect, and these pubs might even be able to find you a packet of salt and vinegar crisps
  •  © Elsa Pereira

    Tapas bars

    The trend for tapas is sweeping the capital, turning on many a Parigot to the pleasures of Spanish snacks. Try our pick of the best
  • Wine bars

    From the classiest vintage-stocked cellars to rough and ready taverns, our critics have distilled the finest destinations for wine in Paris

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