Case Studies: Nokia



Case Study: Nokia

The primary focus for the launch of the Nokia Lumia 925 was to communicate the camera's capabilities in low light conditions, and how much better these were compared to the Samsung Galaxy 4 and iPhone 5. The idea of being able to capture the night better than ever before was irresistable as a creative hook.

Time Out's editorial team, working across music, film, cabaret, theatre and comedy were all given a handset each, and invited to capture their unique Time Out nights out, providing an unprecendented level of editorial integration.

To provide immediacy, Time Out provided daily rolling recommendations online, of the best things to do that night, presented by the Nokia Lumia 925. A competition element was added to the campaign; for the chance to win a trip to New York City, website users had to identify famaous landmarks of London from obscure angles, taken by Time Out staff with the Nokia Lumia 925. 

A true media first was also achieved when Nokia sponsored 15 individual nights of Time Out Live Events, including Silencio and Rooftop Cinema, where photos of revellers were projected live onto huge branded screens. In addition to this Time Out projected co-branded advertising onto the buildings across key locations in Camden, Covent Garden, Soho and Shoreditch.

Considering the scale of the campaign, and the challenges this naturally provided, the results were very strong. The hub received 33,000 unique users; dwell time was almost at 3 minutes; and we received 18,500 competition entries.