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Here's how you can score free ice cream tomorrow afternoon

Amy's Ice Creams
Photograph: Courtesy Amy's Ice Creams

Things we will never turn down: Puppy piles. Airline upgrades. Free ice cream.

You may have to search out the first two, but that last delight is being offered to every ice cream-loving Austinite tomorrow as part of Amy's Ice Creams Free Ice Cream Day, an event that we'd like to turn into a regular holiday, please. 

From 3 to 7pm tomorrow, November 7, you'll be able to snag a free scoop of ice cream (tiny or small, plus one topping) at any of Amy's 12 locations around town (check out each location here). Go for their classics, like Mexican vanilla, or any of their seasonal favorites out now (yup, pumpkin ice cream is back). 

It's one scoop per person, but let's be honest, you could probably hop around to a couple Amy's stores and get your fill at each. Still looking for more ice cream after that? Check out our list of the best ice cream shops in town

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