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Festival OFFF

The best of the OFFF Festival 2014

Let us guide you to the top 10 offerings at the international digital art and culture festival, May 15-17 in Barcelona's Design Museum

From Thursday through Saturday, May 15-17, Barcelona will become the digital art and culture capital when the city hosts the annual OFFF Festival. The programme is chock-a-block with things to see and do, so we've taken the liberty of paring it down to the top 10 you won't want to miss at the city's design museum, Disseny Hub, at Glòries. 'The Poool' is a publication that's somewhere between a luxury magazine and a yearbook, and you can only get it if you go to the OFFF Festival. It contains interviews, designs, pictures, and dozens of ideas that the artists of the festival made exclusively for 'The Poool'. This innovative school does research in the field of design and visual arts. Each year the main goal is the final project - making the graphic campaign for the festival. Designed by Lorem Ipsum, Turn You On is this year's spectacular campaign. A market to discover and be discovered. Highlights include marshmallows personalised with Instagram photos from Mint Digital; T-shirts with augmented reality technology from I+Cono; and the Be Noticed Corner from Camaloon, a big blackboard wall where all OFFF creators can leave their mark. Designer Joshua Davis and the French collective of graffiti artists 123 Klan will paint a 50-metre mural during the festival. Behold the interactive video for Arcade Fire's song 'Reflektor'. It's a technological-audiovisual experiment by artist Vincent Morrisset and expert in digital technologies Aaron Koblin. You may have heard of Casey Neistat, YouTube video guru. One of his videos, made to promote 20th Century Fox's latest movie, revolved around the idea of achieving a dream. Neistat thought about the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and wanted all proceeds to go to them. Three days later it was made a reality. This Dutch studio is the creator of 'Sundays', a sci-fi short film about the future of humanity that raised $51,000 to make it. They'll present the short at OFFF. Don't miss this Canadian artist, winner of the 2012 Grammy for Best Recording Package for her work on the double cover for the Arcade Fire album 'The Suburbs'. This creative French pair is behind a lot of video art creations for television ads and for bands like M83. Get to know their work better at the OFFF Festival. The title credits programme is always one of OFFF's strong suits. It's what brings the three-day festival to a close, and where all the players who have passed through the Disseny Hub Barcelona make an appearance. Hosting the show this year is Ash Thorp, an artist and designer known for the title credits of such Hollywood super productions as 'Spider-Man 2', 'Robocop', and '300'.
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