Temple Romà d’August

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Temple Roma d'August
Temple Roma d'August
Temple Roma d'August
Barri Gotic
Temple Roma d'August
Barri Gotic

Four stunning fluted Corinthian columns dating from the first century BC soar out of their podium in the most unlikely of places: a back patio of the Mountaineering Centre of Catalonia. Part of the rear corner of the temple devoted to the Roman emperor Augustus (who after his death was elevated to the pantheon), the columns were discovered and isolated from the structure of a medieval building in 1835. The current layout is actually a slight fudging of the original as the right-hand column resided separately in Plaça del Rei until it was slotted next to the other three in 1956.


Venue name: Temple Romà d’August
Address: Paradís, 10
Barri Gòtic
Opening hours: Mon 10am-2pm; Tue-Sat 10am-7pm.
Transport: Jaume I (M: L4)
Price: Free
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