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Los Vivancos in Barcelona

These global superstars of dance perform their second show at the Tívoli

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Time Out Barcelona Editors

They were born to be stars and now, just like their father before them, they've made it. But in a different way. Sooner or later there will be a biography of a man named Pedro Vivancos who danced with Antonio and later learned kung fu in Japan; who founded dance, music and martial arts schools in Sant Cugat and Rubí, next to macrobiotic shops and alternative therapy centres; who had seven wives and 39 children (that we know of) and who in the mid-1980s was investigated for sectarianism while doing business between Canada and Mexico.

But now we have his sons and their 'Extreme Flamenco Fusión'. Under this tagline, the biblically named dancers, Elías, Judah, Josua, Cristo, Israel, Aarón and Josué are bringing 'Aeternum' to Barcelona. It's their second show since they decided to form the group in 2007 and started the world tour that turned them into a massive phenomenon. At the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona they received the title of professional dancers, but in reality they only solidified the artistic education instilled by their father: flamenco, music, acrobatics, martial arts and combat (he was a professional fighter).

This whole melting pot of influences comes together in a series of shows that combine dance and flamenco with a rock concert. Plus, 'Aeternum' features original music by Fernando Velázquez, composer of award-winning film scores such as 'El Orfanato' ('The Orphanage'); and Daniele Finzi, one of the creative minds associated with Cirque du Soleil, who has worked with Los Vivancos as an artistic consultant. In this audacious, free-spirited performance, 'Aeternum' deals with the battle between good and evil and with eternity. As a result, these artists seem to be filled with a devilish energy but an angelic conscience: Elías plays the cello almost suspended in the air, Judah combines breakdancing with flamenco, and Cristo becomes a fallen angel dancing to save himself. If their passionate faces and sweaty muscles are a temptation, their flamenco will deliver you.

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