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Justin Kurzel Macbeth

The best of the Sitges Film Festival 2015

Travel to fantastic worlds, or get the fright of your life – all this and more with the best movies during the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia in Sitges, October 9 to 18

By Josep Lambies

Every year, the big event in the world of fantastic and horror cinema arrives in Sitges, bringing together all sorts of aficionados, some as unusual as the films in the festival. This year, the 48th edition is on from October 9 to 18, and we understand that between preparing your own costume and working up plans for stealing a selfie with your favourite cult director, you might not have had time to check out the full programme for the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia. So please allow us to lend a hand with our selection of this year's must-see movies.

Youth Sorrentino


Paolo Sorrentino (Italy)

With the glow of success still surrounding him following 'La grande bellezza' ('The Great Beauty'), Sorrentino is back on our screens, this time with a nostalgic portrait of maturity starring a superb Michael Caine.

Date Time Location   Runtime
13/10 8.15am Auditori   124'
14/10 9.30pm Auditori
Justin Kurzel Macbeth


Justin Kurzel (UK)

Among sound and fury, Michael Fassbender is about to receive three witches. This new version of the classic Shakespeare tragedy promises to spill plenty of blood.

Date Time Location   Runtime
14/10 10.30am Auditori   113'
15/10 9pm Auditori
as the gods will takeshi miike

As the Gods Will

Takashi Miike (Japan)

The tireless director of ‘13 Assassins’ is back to spill blood and guts in a film about high school students who are forced to play a game of death. Bring a raincoat in case all that blood spatter jumps right off the screen.

Date Time Location   Runtime
15/10 12.45am Tramuntana   117'
16/10 1am Auditori
Last Days in the Desert

Last Days in the Desert

Rodrigo García (USA)

Just the thought of Ewan McGregor playing Jesus is enough to get us into the cinema to see this one. We wouldn't miss it for all the temptations the devil could dream up.

Date Time Location   Runtime
13/10 11.30pm Prado   98'
14/10 8.30am Prado
john maclean slow west

Slow West

John MacLean (New Zealand)

If your go-to sexual fantasy is a real cowboy, complete with hat and boots, here's where you can make it come true, at least on celluloid. Temperatures haven't soared this high in the Wild West since 'Brokeback Mountain'.

Date Time Location   Runtime
14/10 10.30am Prado   84'
14/10 3pm Auditori
Martyrs goetz


Kevin Goetz, Michael Goetz (USA)

The goriest of the gore of the festival is this remake of the classic by Pascal Laugier. A piece of free advice: try not to eat a big meal before the screening.

Date Time Location   Runtime
09/10 9am Prado   87'
09/10 11.15pm Retiro
knock knock eli roth

Knock Knock

Eli Roth (USA)

If two hot women offerend you a lap dance, that might get your motor going and make you lose all sense of better judgment. The latest film from the director of 'Hostel' takes advantage of his time in Sitges to offer a master class.

Date Time Location   Runtime
10/10 12.45pm Auditori   101'
11/10 11pm Auditori    
12/10 12.45pm Retiro
les revenants  Fabrice Gobert

Les revenants (The Returned)

Fabrice Gobert (France)

If you're a fan of stories about life after death, and your French is up to snuff, check out this fifth episode of the latest season of this French cult TV series. Bon appétit!

Date Time Location    
10/10 7.15pm Tramuntana    
17/10 7pm Hotel Avenida Sofia
El cadáver de Anna

El cadáver de Anna Fritz (The Corpse of Anna Fritz)

Hèctor Hernández (Spain)

An actress turns up dead in a hotel room, and the mystery ensues. Yipes!

Date Time Location   Runtime
11/10 3pm Tramuntana   75'
12/10 8.15pm Auditori    
13/10 8.30am Tramuntana
high-rise Ben Wheatley
©Aidan Monaghan


Ben Wheatley (UK)

If you saw ‘Sightseers’ three years ago, you know what kind of comedy is cooking in this kitchen.

Day Time Location   Runtime
16/10 10.15pm Tramuntana   119'
17/10 5.30pm Auditori  

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