The Parent Trap

Film, Comedy
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Another stab at Erich Kästner's story of separated identical twins conniving to unite their parents by swapping places. Bright spark Lohan is engaging enough as both the 11-year-olds, thrown together by accident at American summer camp: she sports classy hairbands and a faux-British middle class accent as Anna, adored moppet of London fashion designer Richardson, and a Barbie-inspired wardrobe as Hallie, likewise relished little princess of rich Napa Valley vintner Quaid. Hendrix as Quaid's gold-digging, spanner-in-the-works fiancée makes venality almost endearing; her fish-out-of-water act on a backpacking trip, lizard-swallowing and all, gets the biggest laugh and momentarily dilutes the saccharine suspense. Quaid exudes an almost smug self-satisfaction nurtured by slippers and tweeds; Richardson looks like she's using her role to audition for more parts demanding class and orthodox femininity. For all that, the light comedy is sweetly timed, the direction smart and assured, and the visuals bright, colourful, unobtrusive and faultless.

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Cast and crew

Director: Nancy Meyers
Screenwriter: David Swift, Nancy Meyers, Charles Shyer
Cast: Dennis Quaid
Natasha Richardson
Lindsay Lohan
Lisa Ann Walter
Elaine Hendrix
Simon Kunz
Ronnie Stevens