The Witman Boys

A stylish, slightly pretentious but finally effective little movie, set in 1913, about two brothers who react to their disciplinarian father's death by retreating into a shared secret world of rituals involving sex, cruelty and death. When they also become involved with a prostitute, their distaste for their mother begins to verge on pure hatred. Though the measured pace and overall glumness make the movie sometimes feel a little strained, Producer/director Szász elicits superb performances from his young leads, while the vibrant, near expressionist photography lends the proceedings the feel of a feverish dream. It's a dark tale of pain, confusion and misplaced desire, helped considerably by sensitive borrowings from the likes of Schubert and Richard Strauss on the soundtrack.

By: GA

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Cast and crew

Director: János Szász
Screenwriter: János Szász, Geza Csath
Cast: Alpár Fogarasi
Szaboles Gergely
Maia Morgenstein
Dominika Ostalowska
Péter Andorai