They're not the nicest bunch (they bad-mouthed Time Out for not including them in this list the first time around) nor are they the most diligent: the first time I went there the kitchen wasn't working due to a water leak, and the second time I went they weren't cooking because it was their first day back from their holidays. But I have to admit that when I finally did get to try them, I realised the burgers at B-Burger are phenomenal. The one I especially recommend has an impeccable balance between the sweetness of teriyaki sauce and the addition of shiitake mushrooms with a touch of Japanese radish. The bread and the meat fit together like hand in glove.

By: Ricard Martín


Venue name: B-Burger
Address: Aragó, 36
Eixample esquerra
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 1pm-4pm, 8pm-midnight; Sun 8pm-midnight
Transport: Rocafort (M: L1), Tarragona (M: L3)

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